my does time fly!

Its Tuesday already, its insane! The weekend went by so incredibly fast... Friday I worked all day... well, class, then work, then nap, then back to work at 11 for load out... Saturday was the heartbreaking men's basketball game, along with getting Lindsey's birthday stuff together (watched the Notebook while decorating with Brit, and its a DANG GOOD movie, fyi!) Then church on Sunday, followed by dinner with Lindsey's family, and checking out the house with them. It's exciting though, because her mom okayed the house, with stipulations that we get it spiffed up a bit, which is definitely doable. Yay for house and yay for fun awesome neighbors! And Monday was packed full of classes, homework, and hanging out with Ian, as it was our six month yesterday! :D And today I get to look forward to studying, and more studying, oh, and more studying, for my development of the english language midterm tomorrow, and I found out I get to have the entire chapter 14 workbook section for french done by Thursday. *heavy sigh* Oh well, I'll manage somehow! hope y'all are having a wonderful day!