My first thought this morning was die alarm clock. Fortunately my amazingly sweet roommate turned it off for me before i was completely out from under the covers to get up and smack the snooze button myself. So I tossed and turned for another 15 minutes before finally forcing myself to roll out of bed (not literally, I think that might be verging on suicidal, as I'm on the loft, and the chairs below would probably sufficiently break my back as I landed so that I would face immediate death) So I brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, grabbed my book bag, and booked it over to Blumont for class, where I learned about slang, cursing, and various American dialects. the f-word is the most versatile swear word, and American cursing is quite unique in the fact that it also includes expressions that are impossible to do (i.e." remove head from sphincter") and things that are pleasurable, feel free to use your imagination in figuring out which those are.

With swear words and non-rhotic (a.k.a. dropped r's as in New England dialects) pronunciations bouncing around in my head, I walked over to Earth in Action for the extreme pleasure of listening to radioactive Bob discuss mass wasting once again. I do believe his redundancy this class period was the highest this semester so far. I learned that generally rapid mass wasting includes falling and sliding. sub-point 1: rock or debris falls - rapid fall of the material. sub-point 2: rock or debris slide - fairly rapid slide downslope. And a slump creates a slump of material along the edge of a cliff.

Finally he switched to slides, and as I slipped into a comatose state as radioactive Bob waved his pool-stick-pointer around, gazing up and whacking various portions of the images while simultaneously revealing how the back of his head is beginning to have gollum-ish qualities in terms of wispy, disappearing hair, I realized that this class is causing me to enjoy certain morbid and disturbing thoughts. As I viewed the slides of mass wastings and rock layers, I could not help but laugh at the thought of little, cute, fuzzy bunnies mixed in among the debris, just waiting until thousands of years later, they could be reincarnated as a fuel source for environmentally detrimental gas guzzling SUV's. This realization has driven me to the conclusion that this class is evil. What kind of sick and twisted crazed teacher would put these mental images into the brains of his students? Alas, I am trapped in the course... apparently my contrapasso for something I have done, but as of the present, have not yet been able to determine.

At any rate, the need to study for my French test is looming before me and growing in urgency. Therefore, I leave you with a question. "Est-ce que vous mangez des spaghettis au petit dejeuner?