THE last pre-California post!

Whoohoo! classes are done, the day is beautiful (except the wind), and its even been a pretty interesting day so far. This morning, I booked it over to ECS (English and Counseling Services building) to turn in the fun take home test that I spent SEVEN HOURS ON *pause to compose self* and as I was walking out, noticed a guy with a camera following a professor-looking man. I think perhaps it has something to do with the media coverage on the Murray trial (that English professor just convicted for his wife's murder, exciting, huh) SO, if you see anything on TV about the trial, pay attention to the background person, and it just might be me!

Then I got to go to fabulous Earth in Action, where I learned that radioactive Bob wanders around the documents section in the library (second floor), and he really had fun with "BIGGER!" resuming his yelling concurrent with footstomps and hand gestures.

Well, its back to packing. I am so stoked for spring break! It is gonna be so fun! Oh, and I gave in and took allergy medicine... lets hope I don't get high again! Have a wonderful week, and there will most likely be a very lengthy post narrating the entire trip, a few days after we get back!

*EDIT* So, I just got the second best serenade of my life (second only to Ian's serenade, not like I get serenaded alot, but if I did, they'd still be the top two)! My bro is the bestest! :D And honestly, he's gonna be the next Elton John, and he's like... wow... yeah, so good, and I love Your Song!