Procrastination and Sexed Up TV

So today's been a pretty good day. Getting up for class was a bit difficult, but well worth it, because when I got to my first class, I found out that I got a wonderful present, our teacher is giving us Friday off, AND a homework postponement because "you should have to do any homework over spring break!" French wasn't too terribly bad... but that's skipping over Earth in Action. We discussed about meanders, oxbow lakes, natural levees, and learned a valuable lesson... "Head to high ground when the dam breakage sirens go off." "but we'll talk about that in a second, okay, the second's up." Ahhh, isn't Radioactive Bob fun! And Anna is lucky and got to run errands for her scholarship application, AND work on a take home test for 2 hours, and she isn't even halfway done. whoohoo for school... but she is taking a break now (code name for procrastinating), because she is stressed... you can tell because she's talking in third person. Okay, not really, she just likes third person. And watching LOST, where two people are swimming to the bottom of the lake and swiping loot from the creepy submerged dead people.

This television watching I just mentioned, in combination with Lindsey's post yesterday, has prodded me into pulling out my soapbox once again. I shall refer to the problem as sexed up tv. This evening's encounter began the moment I turned on the TV to program the VCR to record my usual Wednesday night programming. But that was to be expected, after all, ET is all about Hollywood, which is sexed up anyway. I didn't begin to get riled up until I saw the Victoria's Secret commercial. at seven. SEVEN. The time when little kiddies are still up and can see the TV. This was followed by a chick on LOST sunbathing in a string bikini... then a little less when she decided against tan lines on her back, followed by an extended conversation with someone while sitting up, and covering what was necessary with a towel. This was followed by a Burger King commercial (BURGER KING!!) for the "tender crispy bacon cheddar ranch" burger, complete with scantily clad cowgirls seductively singing and eating the sandwich. This was followed by a commercial for the new show "Grey's Anatomy" which had a ridiculous amount of references to sex for just a 30 second commercial. I could go on, but I don't think I need to. It's pathetic, and scary. The next thing you know, these images will be incorporated into Sesame Street and Saturday morning cartoons. And its not just kids that are affected. This severely messes with a girl's self confidence, and puts expectations into a guy's mind. From skanky girls on campus, to tv, to music, to movies... when will America finally get rid of its trash?