I'm a pathetic blogger, but I'm a snake bitten pathetic blogger!

So I've been meaning to write a big huge post discussing all of the fantastic California spring break trip. But this past week, I've been caught under the avalanche of homework and tests that seems to occur right after a major break, which was followed by a period of unmotivatedness where I did nothing for an entire day except go to class and vegetate in front of the television. However, I think I've finally returned to normal (as normal as it gets for me, at least) but I'm still not inspired enough to recount spring break in all its glory and actually do it justice. So I shall postpone that (never fear, it will be up eventually, hopefully sometime this week).

In the mean time, I shall tell you my fun story from this weekend. After a wonderful time at Chuck E. Cheese's for Coltrane and Carrie and Kendra's collective birthdays, we returned home and decided that the beautiful day should be enjoyed from the wonderfulness of Pillsbury Crossing. None of us had been there before (us being JB, Brady, Ian, Brit, and I), so it did take a few missed (but only by a bit) turns before we arrived. We decided to avoid the congregation of drunken revelers actually in the water, and instead hiked out the other way. The guys spied a snake and excitedly tried to grab it, but only managed to make it slither away. I used my excellent creeping skills and snuck up on it. Under direction from Ian, I proceeded to grab it by the tail. I don't think it really appreciated that, and it was quite feisty for such a cute little guy, and managed to maneuver itself and bite my finger. In shock, I dropped the snake. I passed out, and had to be rushed to the ER where they managed to save me from the brink of death... okay, not really, I just wanted to see if you were actually paying attention. HAH! After I dropped the snake, the guys congratulated me on how I was "man enough" to grab the snake in the first place, and how impressed they are because "wow, Anna, I've never even been bitten by a snake!" and we examined my wounds (very minor, but it did bleed) and a weird substance on my finger. After much pondering, Brit, Ian and I came to the conclusion that the snake wet itself on my finger. As Ian said, "you scared it." So now I have lovely bite shaped small scabs on my finger, and a nice, very scrubbed other finger. All in all, I'd have to say it was quite the exciting day!

Post Script: I've gotten pictures back from California, the concert, other random things, so if you want to see them, hit up my website and check em out!