The Much Anticipated California Post!

I should probably be doing things, like homework, putting away laundry, job finding things, but honestly… what’s more important? Keeping up on school so that the money that my parents and organizations crazy, I mean smart, enough to invest in my education have spent, goes to good use, or finally commemorating my week long adventure in California to the annals of cyberspace? That’s what I thought. And this post is going to be fabulously long… and you thought my weekend rantings were long, wait until you see the massive torrent of words that I am about to unleash on my unsuspecting readership. It shall resemble the crashing waves of the pacific ocean, and you, poor reader, are like a tiny clam, buffeted in the swirls of sand, other debris, and surf boards dashed in the salty depths of what we like to modestly refer to as ‘waves.’ Honestly though, what can you expect, an entire week of California, and I’d have just a smidgen to say? I think not. However, to throw you a life preserver, I shall attempt to put in bold headings, so that you may feel free to skim, and only hit the parts that sound interesting. And then of course I just might put in a couple tirades about a few things at the end that have happened just today, as well… fun, I know!

Saturday: Flying Out!
After brunch with Cory, Brit and I headed to Dave’s house in KC. And we didn’t get lost… which is a major milestone for us! His house is nice, and his parents are amazing. They took us out to lunch at this awesome Mexican place (“on the plane, they only feed you pretzels!”) then Dave brought us to the airport… he’s such a sweetie! We hung out in the airport a bit, then we went through security, where I had to remove my belt and my shoes, I felt rather naked, but oh well, all in the name of public safety. Our flight out of KC was delayed a bit, because of bad weather in Chicago, and so we almost missed our connecting flight. Let me tell you, those gates had to be in completely different wings, and its not fun running through O’Hare with a couple bags, praying the plane hasn’t detached from the walkway yet. And I got complimented when we got on the plane, a flight attendant told me “you are a beautiful young lady” and I doubt he was hitting on me: he was a 40-something black guy. And the pilot expressly stated that the plane would be flying over Kansas, and “directly south of Goodland” so we flew right over home, or at least close enough. And Britni’s grandpa was awesome and picked us up at the airport and got us McDonald’s. And I must say, the cars in that parking garage there in the OC, that was insane, I’ve never seen so many pristine super expensive cars in one place.

Sunday: The Long Nap
We went to church, which was good, ate at Olive Garden, where I tried something new. I’ve been working on that… alleviating my pickiness. Anyway, we returned to the house, and took a brief nap that turned into about 3 hours long…

My first time to Disneyland. It was fantabulous, and, to steal Caleb’s quote, “it really is magical!” Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones! And we stuffed ourselves silly at dinner. Lunch did disappoint us though. We waited in line for almost 2 hours at Club Buzz. But in line, we met a really nice Filipino lady from the bay area. And we watched Fantasmic, which was awesome. I do believe Britni had to close my jaw for me at one point during the show… hehe. Plus we got swords made by none other than WILL TURNER, and princess pens, and I *HEART* Pirates bracelets. I’d say my first trip to Disneyland was a smashing success. And that evening we spent an incredible amount of time on the phone with the guys, trying to work out the hang out plans. It took forever, and we discovered that public transportation is rather lacking when you’re trying to get from Huntington Beach to certain places in LA, but we finally got something worked out.

Tuesday: The Getty, Rain, USC, PCH, and Pepperdine
Brit’s grandpa once again was amazing and drove us all the way to the Getty where we met T and Ian in the parking lot, and it was so good to see them! We caught the shuttle up to the Getty (which took a while, and it was an insane-o line). The architecture tour was fascinating, and I felt like I was walking around a giant’s project model, but it was really really cool, and I got some awesome pictures (the artistic type that Brit gets frustrated looking through because “where are the people!”) We ate lunch, I got attacked by the salad when the wind picked up, and it started to rain, so we went in and looked at the art stuff. I found a clock with everything written in French, and we attempted to translate. It started to pour, and T had to get back for class, so we headed back to USC, but traffic was bad, so it took forever, and T missed his class. But we did get to see a teddybear attached to the back of a pickup. When we got to USC, we went to the bookstore, where I got a fantastic scrape on my toe that turned out to look like an “A”, however, it was bleeding profusely when it happened… not a good spot to have a bleeding wound when you’re walking through ankle deep water. And we all got USC shirts, and saw the football team practicing. We also got to have a “USC experience” and eat this drive through Mexican food, which was good, but there was something extremely spicy, which I couldn’t hack eating. Then we took off with Micah for Pepperdine. Ian and I were crammed in the back with the luggage, since the trunk didn’t work. And it was our first time on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). We stayed with some really nice friends of Micah (that is, Brit and I did, Ian stayed with Micah), and conked out not long after arriving.

Wednesday: Car Time, Sushi, and Bibles
We woke up and went to this little place in Malibu where Micah loves the breakfast burritos, then went back to campus and got a tour, saw the Randumb Show, and got Pepperdine shirts, before heading over to USC to pick up T. We couldn’t find a parking spot, so decided to just head back to Huntington Beach and hang out there. Traffic was FANTASTIC, and so we got a lot of quality car bonding time in. When arriving in Huntington Beach, we narrowly missed being in a car accident (saved by Micah’s excellent driving skills). Then we got some sushi (which Brit and I were required to try) and washed it down with some Coldstone (but its just not the same without Cory). After the guys left, Brit and I took a walk on the beach, saw the aftermath of a giant grape eating contest (well, it probably wasn’t, but I think that sounds more interesting, plus it looked like something of that nature). And Brit and I were thoroughly salted and chilled. We got bibles that night as well. Nice NIV leather bound pocket sized for church and such. Other people get wasted on spring break, we get bibles!

Thursday: In & Out Burger and Shopping!
I had my first In & Out Burger experience, got a shirt, enjoyed it complete with 1000 Island dressing (the burger, not the shirt). Then we went shopping. Yay for Alias season 2!

Friday: California Adventure
We headed over to California Adventure after lunch, caught the Aladdin musical, saw the Incredibles (just Mr. and Mrs. Sadly no Dash, Violet or Jack Jack), rode the Tower of Terror and Soarin’ Over California, and ate a great burger in the hangar food place. All in all, a wonderful day. Plus we got to see “Disney's Electrical Light Parade” complete with the cheesy music!

Saturday: K (-Lub) Time!
Brit and I hung out with Caleb on the beach, played some Frisbee, caught up on all our lives and happenings. We met her family at Ruby’s on the pier for some lunch, and I had an excellent burger there… it had some sort of pepperjack cheese, and maybe ranch, I don’t remember exactly, just that it was DIVINE. Then we went back to the beach and Caleb and boogyboarded. I was rather unsuccessful at catching a wave, which Caleb did manage to do. After about 20 minutes, I couldn’t feel my body, so we went back on the beach. It was fine for a few minutes, then you aren’t numb, and Caleb and I were both convulsing. Brit tried to help, but after a while, we gave up and went back to her grandparents, where we warmed up, showered, and ate a fantastic home cooked dinner. Then we went and hung out at Hope, which was fun! I just wish we could have met his suitemates… he’s made them sound so intriguing!

Sunday: Home Again
Caleb was a doll and took us to LAX. Our flight home was pretty uneventful, aside from a gate change at O’Hare, which was annoying, but not rushed. Dave was amazing and met us at the airport. And the ride back was fun. Brit and I jammed out to *N’Sync, we ate at McDonald’s and I got a happy meal, complete with a blue beanie bear named red shoe. We renamed it blue bear, which is much more fitting if you ask me. He’s so cute, sitting on my dresser, watching me type. Awww. I know, I get too emotionally attached to things like my plants and stuffed animals. But when you never got to have a pet, and then your beloved fish dies, it happens.

Anyway, I do believe that’s all the high points, and a lot of extra random information as well, but now you’re all updated, and I can just make everyone read this instead of having to say a play by play every time someone asks, save the vocal cords and all, ya know.

I shall conclude by saying congratulations if you actually skimmed down this far, and I detest Earth In Action (although Andrew, Mr. I'm-acing-the-class-and-I-don't-even-think-it's-a-big-deal, himself was a doll and studied with Brit and I for the test tomorrow), as well as the dryers in Boyd, that don’t dry. Perhaps I shall discuss this in more depth some other day, but for now, I think I’ve procrastinated sufficiently, and I should get back to studying. Have a wonderful day!