Old Maids and Movies

So its been forever since I last posted. I've been keeping pretty busy with work (especially the 4 days I work at Dairy King, also, as they needed assistance), and other things, such as putting together my college scrapbook, hanging out a bit with everyone, and sleeping. But today is my day off, and I thought I'd catch up. So, since my last post, I've had my 20th birthday (thanks to everyone who has reminded me how old I am now), went to Denver for a day with Ian, went on family vacation to OKC, saw everyone here back home, and worked a bunch. I am now able to do basically everything at a dry cleaners, since Krystal and I were in charge of doing all that while Donna was out after surgery. It was stressful, because we got swamped (stupid wranglers still, plus winter clothes, and wedding stuff... I think I'll write a poem for my poetry class entitled "winter coats and wedding dresses"), and we aren't as good as she is. But she's back now! *much happiness*

Now, on to old maids. So, the other night, my mom finally showed me the pictures my Tito Nilo emailed from my cousin Paolo's wedding. ("Nilo asked what you kids thought about seeing all your cousins... what? You didn't see them? I thought you did!" But its okay, its happened with everyone else's weddings. "Ate Aileen's husband..." "SHE'S MARRIED?!" "yes, didn't I tell you?") And my mom told me that she told Tito Nilo that I said something about all my cousins getting so old, and getting married a bit older (as in late 20's, early 30's), and he informed her that it is 'a family tradition' to get married in that age range, and that I need to 'keep the tradition.' She was laughing, so I think they both thought it was a good joke. *crosses fingers* lol! On another note, mom told me that if I got married in the Philippines, I could have a really fancy wedding, because you can do more for the same money over there. It's a thought, as long as we could charter a big plane for cheap to get everyone over there... hmmm... well, according to 'family tradition' I have about 10 years to figure all that out, hehe!

Finally, movies. When The Notebook came out, Veronica told me that it was a life changing movie for her. I watched it, and while I did enjoy it (sorry T, I know how you feel about that movie), I didn't really feel that my life was changed. But Sunday night, I found my very own life changing movie. It was the network premiere of I Am Sam on CBS, and I think its got to be one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Its so touching, and has really good life lessons about love and family. I highly recommend that you go out and watch it!

"I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob."