Star Trek and Ballroom Dancing

Wow, over a month... I'm horrible. But I've been pretty busy. Between school, and well, school... (I think that British Survey 1 is going to be the death of me. Reading untranslated middle English was not pleasant... and now we've got a test in the near future, and a paper... *sigh*) I haven't had a whole lot of free time, and the free time I have is spent hanging out with people, like watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with Brit. We have lots of fun, and no we aren't Trekkies. It's funny to see how cheesy it can be.

image from Star Trek: The Next Generation via Memory Alpha

It's especially exciting to watch the earlier ones...

image from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Lieutenant Reicher (front far right) has a cleft in his chin that Britni finds absolutely hilarious, and Warf's (to the left of Reicher) hair and head in general just look, weird (it's weird anyway, but weird as in not so well done makeup, whateveryoucallit). And there are some fantastic story lines in the old ones, like when everyone de-evolved, or the time that there was some sort of virus that had the symptoms of being drunk, or when Tasha (back center) had to fight to get a cure for a disease with this poisoned spiked arm-club thing... You never know what will happen next! And on Fridays, we're back in time to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which has fond memories for me... it used to be my family's show. *reminisces* Anyway, enough about Star Trek and on to more exciting things.

So, I think I mentioned this before, but Brit, Phil, Daniel, Megan, Ian, and I are enrolled in ballroom dance, which is AMAZING. I highly recommend it, if you're in the area, anyway. We've learned foxtrot, salsa, mambo, and swing so far. And know some pretty sweet choreography for salsa and swing, that involves dips, jumps, spins, and even the girl hanging upside down. All in all, pretty sweet! Plus I get to dance with my favorite person, so it's even better :D

ian dips anna

Unfortunately, Phil didn't get to go last night (since he went home for break), and Carl was a hero and stepped in to dance with Brit! We gave him a 45 minute crash course on everything we knew, and he did an amazing job of it, so my props to him!

And I know this isn't my best writing ever, mais j'ai beaucoup de devoirs aujourd'hui, et je ne veux pas penser trop.

And today, I shall end this with football... O-town beat G-town at THEIR homecoming! And I love you, Ren, and I know you did a fantastic job, and I'm very glad about that. But now I have a good comeback for when Ian gives me a hard time about a certain homecoming game my senior year... AND...watch the K-State OU game, 6 p.m., Fox Sports. It's gonna be awesome, and we are so gonna win! :D Go Cats!

Bon week-end!