December News

Its been a while... but finally, all I have left is finals. My brain is a little fried, and I need sleep, so I can't remember everything that has happened since my last post, but I do want to share three recent events, as follows:

1. Our final poem in poetry class was due Wednesday, and mine was one of the ones that he had in time to make copies to do critiques on yesterday. It went over well... one girl teared up (and she's always writing amazing poems, so it's kinda a big deal, to me, at least) and my prof (the poet laureate of Kansas) said that its competitive, publishable, that if I had about 3 more of that quality, I could send them off just about anywhere and get them published and make a tidy sum of money. Very encouraging, because I would definitely love to pursue that venue! And if you'd like to read this poem I speak of, check it out on my creative blog, linked on the sidebar.

2. I love my iPod. It came Wednesday, just in time for me to walk on campus when it snowed and listen to Vivaldi's four seasons, the winter section. Amazing. And it puts on my calendar and contacts, which is definitely a handy feature. Kinda like a less fancy PDA in that regard, but its enough for me!

3. Alliance, eesh. Like what else could go wrong with our house, right? The pipes froze. Yeah, record low temps, blah, blah, blah. But when you call and tell them you need someone to come, and then all they say is "we'll put urgent on that work order" and the last time they said that was when the toilet was leaking over my bed and I had to call them again before someone came. This house is seriously in need of some fixing up. Like maybe new windows that don't let freezing cold air come waterfalling over the sill into the sink. or maybe a back door that you can't see a good inch of the outside because a chunk is missing on the bottom left, and the cold air still comes through the glass door on the other side of it. or maybe a fix to the ducts so that my room isn't an oven while you freeze at about 40 degrees when you sit on the sofa while watching TV. Keep that in mind when looking at older houses. And also remember that Alliance is very slow, and not on top of things, and I can't recommend renting from them and maintain a clean conscience.

Anyway, that, on top of 2 papers and a couple panic attacks, has been my week. Hope all is well with everyone, good luck with finals if you're taking them!