My Frogs

I came home from campus today, and decided that the world needs to experience my frogs. They're absolutely amazing... its so relaxing to watch them. No matter what happens or how bad I feel, it all gets better when I watch them swim for a bit. Especially now that they have their new, bigger tank and have room to swim... and they love their plant, just lounging in/on it. That's the other interesting break thing I forgot to mention on my last post, their new purple tank with black sand! That, along with Nathan's mis-hearing Skyler Thomas, for threeeee as Skyler Thomas, whoopee. I love ya Nate, oh, and I think Mary Dolphin needs a maaa-sage. :)

And these aren't the best pics, but I don't know how to get rid of glare fast, and I couldn't use flash. Anyway, here they are. I hope they make your day better, too!

jelly, peanut, and butter's bum
Jelly in the dark back corner, Peanut standing, and Butter's bum.

the frogs swimming
Jelly, Peanut, and Butter's bum

closeup of peanut
a close up of Peanut