Winter Solstice Break

It's hard to believe that break is almost over. It's been really great though. I was home for about a week, and it was so good to see my family! And Christmas was at my grandparent's farm. Life is always interesting with the cousins... Funny story. Nathan (brother) has Ellen's (7 yr old cousin) scarf and holds it up... its stretchy, and the way he held it, it kinda looked like a slinky dress. He laughed and asked our opinion, and then Caleb (other brother) tried it. Ellen went up to him and tried stretching it sideways to make it 'fit' better, before wrapping her arms around his waist and proclaiming, "you're a BIG lady!" Needless to say, Christmas was great!

Then it was straight back to school for the start of intersession (or intermester, as my dad called it...) which has been really great. The History of American Movies and the Moviegoing Experience. We listen to lecture about the time period, technology and theaters, all that, and its fascinating, then watch a movie representative of the period. I highly recommend the class... it'll be offered again in May intersession... and really, who wouldn't enjoy learning about and watching movies and getting three whole credit hours for it!

For New Years, I went with Ian to SC to spend time with his family (and meet his mom's side) which was so much fun! They're all so great, and I learned how to play pitch (but I'm not good). I do have a complaint about FOX's New Year's Eve coverage though. Who wants to see some drunk guy with a beer bottle in his hand stand on some stage in Tennessee, and then count down from 10 half a minute after the fact, when it could have been the little apple dropping... which they cut away from and missed entirely.

But anyway, this past weekend was a friend's wedding in Wichita, but we were back in time for church today! It's so good to be back, I've missed it, and seeing everyone, too! Other than that, it's just been hanging out and doing lots of homework. It's incredible how empty town is on break! Anyway, hope everyone is having/had a wonderful holiday, and good luck with the semester/whatever you've gotten back to doing!