Apartments, invitations, politics, and fake love

I've been meaning to blog all week, but haven't gotten around to it until now... so... this may seem like a random collection... it's basically my thoughts and events this week.

First, apartments. Ian's been looking for apartments in Philly for us, and he found one that seems very promising! It's called The Cosmopolitan. Flexible lease lengths, good location, safe, and, in our price range (he called and it's cheaper than listed on the site), all things considered (location means less gas, washer/dryer means less travel and less laundromat, etc. etc. etc.). No definites yet, but its pretty exciting! We'll see how it pans out.

Second, invitations. We got the invites printed at Copy Kats, after a week of issues with the files printing funny and lots of tweaking, they still got them finished when they said they would! And with the help of some of my lovely bridesmaids, they are addressed, sealed, labeled, and stamped, ready to go. It's so crazy to think we're at this point in everything... 68 days away, sending out invites, getting ready for dress fittings, the bridesmaid dresses should be in in a couple of weeks... We're both so excited though!

Third, politics. I just have to say, I'm incredibly saddened by Sam Brownback leaving the presidential race. I admire him — he lives and votes his values, and I agree with the ones that I care about... human rights, Africa, abortion. I think he would have made a solid president... We'll see where his political career takes him, but I hope he is able to continue effecting change in big ways. I wish we had more politicians that cared about people and making a difference. I'll have to do some serious research and evaluation to pick a candidate now... Hard to find someone that fits what I care about... I've realized I'm a blend of many parties. Although Jonas informed me in the newsroom last year he thinks I fit the Libertarian party (mainly because I said people should be more responsible for themselves, like saving for retirement, instead of spending so much extra money to have the government do it for them, and this is just one example...) ... and then my core issues also fit into Republican (moral conservatism, a.k.a. my views on marriage and abortion), Democratic (social justice, for example, although I think this is more personal — everyone should care about others because Jesus told us to, instead of government-mandated [so this doesn't exactly clash with my personal-responsibility ideas]... but in our fallen world, that doesn't happen), and Green (I believe God wants us to be responsible and take care of the environment, not just roll over it because "He made it for us to use" although I refrain from the whole don't-pick-fruit-because-it-hurts-trees extremism) parties, and I don't even think my issues fit together realistically. Ahhh, so complicated.

Fourth, fake love. I've been watching The Bachelor this season with Meg. It's great bonding... and great comedy entertainment. People think they're actually going to find true love in 6 weeks when a guy has millions of dollars and event planners for their dates... seriously. The people on the show make comments like "it's surreal" ... which nails why the relationship crashes with reality. But this time around, I realized it's tragic. They are looking for fulfillment in another person, and they won't find it, not really. They think they know what they want, but it's not what they need. God is the only one who can completely fill that void and give our lives meaning and fulfillment. A special someone is just icing on the cake. Not to take away from true love, obviously, it's huge and so amazing (yet so hard at the same time and worth everything!). I will also semi-connect this to a commercial Ian and I saw the other day for some car, talking about how society forces instant gratification on us, and then when we aren't happy we do something new. One example was a spouse, and if you stop being happy, you divorce. "What happened to commitment and standing by our decisions" it cried. Of course, this was to tout the car's extended mile warranty. But I admire it — a company who stands by the product in the long run.... and the message stuck with me. People think they should perpetually be "happy" and drop something as soon as the rush is gone. The Bachelor would definitely provide a huge infatuation high and immediate perceived happiness, but relationships (I include friendships in this too), ones that matter, ones that last, take hard work and time. They are infinitely more rewarding, as is anything you spend time, energy, and money on. On the whole, America has lost that, I think... work ethic, commitment, honesty, patience... But I hope and pray that those of us who realize this take the time to pass it on, and let it reflect in our lives. God has a higher purpose for us, and a much deeper joy, when we are who we ought to be, instead of just self-satisfaction junkies. And this really came out rather jumbled, all just to say, life can be better, it is supposed to be better, and I hope that God can use me to share that with others.

I'll conclude by saying I enjoy the new show "Pushing Daisies." Quirky, a little morbid, funny, Seussian (according to Steven, and I agree), but delightful.