blue LOVE park and the Comcast Center

I've been documenting the many faces of LOVE park. We've seen no water, regular water, radioactive green water, purple water, and the latest is blue water.

love park

A nice blue, like the way it looks without color, but better. Although I'm not sure what the occasion was.

I think I've mentioned the Comcast Center before, the new tallest building in Philadelphia with a giant TV in the lobby. Our friend Amit works for Comcast, hence, works in the new Comcast Center. Employees can bring guests, so Amit invited us to see where he works, and enjoy breakfast at their cafeteria on the 43rd floor. It was great to spend a little time with him, and enjoy the best view of the city!

me and Ian with Amit. did I mention they have several gaming systems for the employees on their floor? and awesome gigantic beanbags...

ian, amit & anna
liberty place + mellon bank center
looking straight out the window on the 43rd floor at the Liberty Towers and another building I don't know.
philadelphia skyline up high
the Schuylkill.
our philly apartment complex
our complex. our building is the one closest to the top right corner.
going up
some stairs Ian loved.
43rd floor cafeteria
looking down on the dining area from the upper area with conference rooms and the bathrooms.
44th floor view
a cool light fixture with the Liberty Towers in the background.

Thanks Amit! There are so many people and places we will miss! But we're excited to be leaving for home in TWO WEEKS!