"There's no place like home!"

So I still need to catch up. Between packing and unpacking, I haven't yet gotten to blogging about Jordan and Karen's visits, or our final days in Philly, and have added moving in and Caleb's birthday to the need-to-blog list. However, I feel an update is necessary.

I wanted to say we had an amazing trip and made it safely back. And it feels so good to be in open space, and quiet. I understand why people call the Little Apple small, but I appreciate it so much! While everyone else is noticing how much busier it is with school back in session, we are loving how laid back and friendly it is here. I will never take it for granted again!

We're mostly settled in our apartment, and Ian's stuff is in studio. The plumeria even get to be outside now! Our families are amazing and helped us unload and move in so everything went quickly! We're so excited to be back in Kansas and see everyone. This year is going to be phenomenal!