The 6 posts of Christmas: our gift exchange

The night before heading out to the family Christmases, we had our own Christmas in our apartment, which was a disaster since we were still wrapping presents and packing for our trip. But it was so nice to take time to sit by the tiny sparkling Christmas tree and enjoy seeing each other's faces as we opened the special presents we picked out for each other!

our first tree with presents
fuzzy photo of the tree with presents under it.
ian opens his first present
Ian opening his first present.
there was a fuzz in the tape
me showing the fuzz that was stuck in the wrapping paper.
rayman raving rabbids tv party
so surprised at my Wii game, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party!
planet earth excitement
Ian was SO excited about Planet Earth! I love this man.

All in all, it was a great first married Christmas. And as fun as the presents were (and Ian's faces when he opened them!), it really was the best just to get to spend it together, knowing we get to do this together for the rest of our lives.

Stay tuned for our family Christmases, and instructions on how to personalize your own blog!