graduation week for master Ian

anna & ian at anderson hall

Last week was a race to the finish, but Ian is finally graduated with a Master's of Landscape Architecture, hooray! Tuesday he gave his master's defense, and our parents (both sets) and lots of friends and family were there to watch. He did a great job of presenting his project, which turned out great. It involved printing a book — go figure that I'm the one with the creative writing degree and Ian gets a book published first. (love you!) He was busy the rest of the week prepping the electronic version of the book for submission to the grad school and getting ready for graduation. He, Fox, Katie, and Lindsey went together for their graduation reception and had it in studio, which needed lots of cleaning. Friday evening was a department reception followed by a family dinner.

post graduation

The graduation ceremony he attended was Saturday morning. He technically graduated Friday afternoon with the grad school, but the college provided all the non-bac master's students the option of graduating with the college, which all of them chose to do.

After graduation, the reception in studio went really well, and it meant so much to us to see everyone there! (And if you couldn't make it, we understand and still love you, don't worry!) Katie, Fox, and Ian took pictures around campus after graduation which turned out great.

by old stadium
graduation excitement

That evening and Sunday we got to spend more quality time with family — trying to get as much of that in as possible before we leave.

Speaking of moving on, we still don't have more than a "we're optimistic we can hire you in August" from Boston, but we have the family trip to the Philippines to look forward to, and we know we'll end up just where God wants us. My last day at work is next Friday, but we'll be in town through most of June, and they've promised me a staff birthday lunch at a date of my choosing, so it's not quite the end of office fun. For examples of said office fun, see Fig. A below, and my "a week in the office" post.

ryan painted josh's office
Fig. A — Ryan providing Josh paint ideas for his office which didn't HAVE to be painted, and must now be painted before the carpet goes down tomorrow, which is before Josh will be back to see said paint ideas.