Ian's first (K-State) baseball game

k-state baseball

After five years at K-State, you think Ian, a huge sports fan, would have been to a K-State baseball game, which offers free admission with student ID. Not the case. So exactly one week and one day before he graduated, we went to the baseball game against Texas A&M. While a top-15 team, they didn't play at that caliber during this particular game, but it was still fun. And I can say I've been to about 20 times more K-State baseball games than Ian. Which is fun.

ian's first k-state baseball game

We turned it into a marathon date night — after the game we caught the late show of Star Trek. Not the greatest movie ever made, but it definitely ranks high in entertainment value. Lots of solar flare, but great shots, engaging story line, good acting, and they've got Leonard Nimoy. You don't have to be a Trekkie to enjoy it, but if you've watched any of the shows/movies, you'll get the little bits they threw in for fans. I admit it. I'm a nerd and geek. (Yes, different according to Ben and Storm, who have awarded me geek AND nerd points during my tenure here at the office.)

Live long and prosper.