Anna has a job!

I haven't been posting updates on my job search because it's been a challenge. It was hard not to worry about it — how long should I hold out for a job I want before settling for something else so we wouldn't have to resort to ramen for every meal? I knew God would put me in the right place, but there's often a difference between knowing and getting your emotions to function on that knowledge.

I'd get my hopes up, only to see God close the door — I was thankful he made it obvious where I wasn't supposed to be, but more confused at where I should look next. I applied at a local bookstore and after a few visits and e-mails with no response, I gave up. I met one of Fox's friends who works at Google and she suggested I look there (I love Google!). I saw a listing for a job I'd enjoy, only to find out the position had just been filled. I started combing newspapers, government job listings, nearby colleges... but I wasn't finding anything for which I was qualified and/or interested.

A couple weeks ago, Ian got an e-mail Sasaki sent out to all employees asking for references to fill in for the receptionist during her maternity leave. Ian sent in my name, and I interviewed last Wednesday. During the interview, I learned an administrative assistant is retiring soon. So instead of getting the temporary receptionist job, Sasaki offered me a 6-8 week temporary job as an administrative assistant in training. If everything goes well (i.e. I like the job and I'm good at it) I'll become a permanent employee taking the place of the admin who is retiring.

Looking back, it's amazing how God closed the other doors in order to get me to this one, which I think is a job I'll love and will be able to do well. I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited. I start February 8... stay tuned!