Nantucket and the wild waves

After a momentous week of homemade dinners and improved vision, Micki took us to Nantucket to break in her new eyeball on the island.

classic new england

And I really can't go on without saying thanks to the Boston Foundation for Sight. After three bouts of cancer which caused a herpes infection in one eye leading to two cornea transplants, they (and her surgeon) have taken Micki's eye from virtually blind to 20/25. Miracles happen every day with those doctors and their groundbreaking contact, and we got to hear all the stories. They are truly a blessing.

After Micki's final appointment on Friday, we drove a rental car down to Hyannis to catch the Nantucket Ferry. Before sailing out, we had dinner at The British Beer Company, where I experienced my first pasty. Not bad. When we get to Britain, I'll let you know how authentic it was. We were disappointed we missed Funktapus Thursdays — the chalk drawing of an octopus with a fro was enticing, but we still enjoyed some great live music.

A smooth hour-long ferry ride and Red Sox win over the Yankees later, we were walking along the cobblestone streets of Nantucket on our way to the Veranda House.

the veranda house
a bouquet of starfish

The Captain's Loft suite was lovely, and the little touches — Twizzlers with a welcome note, luxurious bamboo bath products, and tote ready for a beach day — made it memorable.

We dropped off our bags then headed out into the fog for a little exploration before bedtime. We found a beautiful and simple church, an eclectic bookstore, and a vibrant Latin kitchen.

The next morning, we went down to the veranda for potentially the best breakfast I've ever had. It started with tiny cornbread muffins and 5 spread choices (chive butter! raspberry butter!), moved on to a shot of peach smoothie and side of melon, and finished with mini banana crepes drizzled in raspberry sauce. Perfect flavor, perfect portions.

Refreshed, we strolled down to Brant Point and the second oldest lighthouse in America (after Boston Light).

a view back to downtown
waiting to climb the light house
circa 1856

The view from the top was spectacular, and the coast guard people were so nice.

We then headed back downtown and bumped into a farmers market as we did a little shopping. I think it's the first time I'd ever seen a spread of locally grown mushrooms.


After a quick lunch at a cute cafe, we hopped into a cab and headed to Cisco Beach, learning more about Nantucket along the way. Our driver was a "wash-ashore," which means she's been there 20 years and has a family, but she'll never be a native since she wasn't born there.

Cisco Beach was wild and remote — expensive yet unassuming beach cottages empty of their summer owners, stretches of sand only occupied by large seashells, icy waves breaking 100 yards from shore. I felt like Hattie and the Wild Waves. It was one of those moments I know I'll remember for the rest of my life.

ian contemplates the ocean
seashells on cisco beach
anna and ian on cisco beach
micki takes in the beach

Salt encrusted, we called a cab and headed back to pick up a few souvenirs and enjoy a little more time on the veranda before picking up our bags.

plan view of the decks
docks at nantucket

Nantucket was inspiring, and we're embracing the New England aesthetic. Our bags were a little heavier with sand and seashells carefully tucked away, which are now adding a touch of the island to our living room.

Thanks to Micki for giving us a break by being mom for two weeks, and for treating us to such an incredible experience!

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