Light will shine. | Hillsong United

Three weeks ago, Ian worked late, coming home at midnight several nights. Three weeks ago, I put in an unusual amount of overtime thanks to a couple big projects. Three Fridays ago, I finalized six contracts and eight trips. And three Fridays ago, we met up with Fox and Sara and headed downtown for Hillsong United's last North America stop on their Aftermath tour.

We wanted to catch them in Singapore on our year-and-a-half-moon, but scheduling didn't work out. So when Ian saw Boston was on their schedule, he quickly ordered tickets for the Orpheum Part 2 (concert? show? service? gathering? worship event?).

We arrived at the Orpheum as Part 1 was getting out, and the alleyway entry to the theatre was spilling over with people leaving, people arriving, people collecting for a food drive, people handing out flyers for upcoming events, people strolling by on their way to the bars and wondering what was the commotion, police officers directing traffic and people.

hillsong @ the orpheum

Unlike our last music event, it felt like a big family reunion. Many people knew each other, many did not. No one was a stranger — interactions were full of life, love, joy — the way God's people are supposed to be. We aren't perfect, but it's a beautiful thing to catch a glimpse of God's kingdom as it's meant to be.

hillsong @ the orpheum

Ian and I love that we got to worship through some of our favorite songs with the songwriters. Joining someone as they worship in their creativity deepens the experience — we get to do this at [REUNION] with our songwriters, and songs seem to resonate more when you're in the community that inspired them.

hillsong @ the orpheum

Joel Houston had some amazing thoughts. I really wish I could have recorded the whole thing, because I know already many of those words have faded in my mind.


The thing that did stick was Joel's mention that God deserves the best — not just the best Christian music, or the best preaching, but the best in whatever we spend our lives doing — science, music, architecture, writing, and more. It was a beautiful reminder that we can make a difference where we are, and what we do matters.

The experience was amazing, and has reinspired me to carry that joy and worship in every moment. I want to shine with His glory.