Anna+Ian in the DR: fundraising & Pastor Luis


With the trip just under a month away, we're fully funded! Once we finalized the team's airfare, our cost came out to $1700 each. Thank you SO MUCH for your support. Partners, you'll be receiving your postcards in the mail soon.

Thursday, a small group of us Skyped with Pastor Luis — [REUNION] does this on a semi-regular basis but it was the first time schedules allowed Ian and I to make it.

Even in a grainy image with choppy audio and a language barrier, his joy shined through. He was so happy to see us — to meet Ian and I, to catch up with others. We asked if they are still selling ice cream as a side business. He laughed and said no, their two sons were eating too much of their profit margin. We also joked about him joining one of our GO contacts in a marathon. He said he'd have to stop eating before he could even start walking, and we teased the new truck is making him lazy. It's amazing to see this partnership, this friendship, to fulfill God's mission. He and his family work tirelessly, and it's a blessing to be able to encourage him. I imagine this is, in some small way, how the churches supporting Paul felt.

We asked if there was anything he needed that we could bring with us, and he suggested a simple digital camera. If you have one you don't use let us know!

Please continue to pray for the trip, our team's health and safety, our impact in the DR, and for the Vargas family's ongoing ministry. And you can still donate medical supplies and warm weather clothes.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact either of us, and/or leave a comment below. You can also learn more and see photos and videos from past trips at www.reunioninthedr.com. We'll keep you up-to-date here on the blog via our A+I in the DR page (linked in the menu above).

Thanks so much for your generosity toward God's work in La Mosca!

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