Anna+Ian in the DR: construction + La Sirena

Friday, August 5, 2011 (siesta)

Yesterday afternoon, we made a lot of headway and finished up the walls!

ben works on the wall

After getting cleaned up and eating dinner, we headed to the Dominican equivalent of Super Target, La Sirena. On the way, Ian and I looked through my photos. So many funny ones from kid photographers.

At the store, we picked up lots of vanilla and coffee for us and for gifts. They really have everything. Like the giant loaf of bread Magen found.

magen with a loaf of bread

Downstairs is a grocery store (food + personal care) and upstairs is like True Value+Sears on steroids. School supplies, books, furniture, appliances, keys, home goods. You name it, they have it. We all met up at the food court for snacks (mas Bon ice cream!), then together headed for the checkout, where we saw a giant mascot pencil (back to school?).

eli photographs the happy pencil

When we got back to Hato del Yaque, I was ready for bed but ended up helping make guacamole with monster avocados while Ian started an impromptu worship session. Which was lovely, but also made a rough evening for us, since we hadn't talked much. I just wanted to sleep, but Ian was unavailable due to his guitar playing and singing. I finally gave up on saying goodnight and started getting ready for bed. Right before I crawled into my bunk, they finished up. I went out and we had an emotional but productive chat about improving communication. Always a work in progress.

(post-trip note: most of the couples on the trip had a similar sort of "need to work on it" situation, and us married ladies discussed how nice it is to have that "me too!" moment. Marriage takes work, and we're all imperfect. I needed to adjust my attitude, and Ian needed to communicate more. So we work on it. And I wanted to include that little paragraph here on the blog to keep it real.)

the avocados are large

This morning, we poured the pillars in the cement block wall we finished yesterday, and we also leveled the yard (the soil is so dark and rich). It's looking good! Lots of mixing though. I performed minor blister removal surgery, using scissors and copious amounts of antibacterial. And had a great chat with Shannon and Dave about working, kids, and money. Until we were ambushed with water balloons. Apparently, when Ben mentioned he had water balloons, he was informed they are like crack to little Dominican kids. Which explains their rabid excitement at nailing all the Americanos. We didn't mind. The water felt so good!

This afternoon, we have mucho mas concreto to mix. It's getting easier. And messier. I can't wait to shower tonight!