thankful list | september


01. Chrome (the Google browser).
02. Angry Birds.
03. making our "cash flow plan," i.e. budget, really work.
04. after 6+ years, a new MacBook Pro (paid for via sinking fund).
05. community group growth.
06. seeing lives changing thanks to FPU.
07. helping Ian organize his Gmail; yes, I'm a nerd.
08. Ian's month-ish break in studying for LAREs.
09. fall weather and the wardrobe that accompanies it.
10. caramelized onion+prosciutto+Gruyere pizza.
11. Skype dates.
12. crossing term life insurance off our to-do list.
13. my home inspiration book, i.e. the IKEA catalog.
14. our new community group curriculum (version 2.0).
15. SCRIPTschool. And Erin taking it with me.
16. our slow and steady move towards less stuff.
17. Ian nailing homemade pasta thanks to this book.
18. K-State's win over the U.
19. our IKEA desk chair.
20. the [REUNION] picnic.
21. Trader Joe's pita puffs (not to be confused with pita chips).
22. dinner and design shop talk with Gerald and Mel.