go squirrel, go!

A while back, Micah and Marianna invited us to join them for some college football. Thanks to one of their friends who coaches at BC, they had free tickets to the Wake Forest game on October 1.

Boston is a sports-crazy city (see Sox, Celtics, and Bruins). But the enthusiasm doesn't generally extend to college sports (unless you're talking ice hockey).

I think this is best illustrated by the fact that the goal line cross eliciting the most cheers was executed by a lost squirrel, whose appearance near the line of scrimmage paused the game. He ran from midfield to the goal line, then celebrated just a little in his new-found sports celebrity status.

squirrel touchdown

Boston College didn't fare as well, losing to Wake Forest 27-19. The game reminded me what I miss about fall back in Kansas: spending Saturdays in Bill Snyder Family Stadium doing the Wabash. Thankfully, in addition to spending some quality time with Micah and Marianna, we were able to enjoy the second half of the game behind the Wake Forest bench, chatting with new REUNION friends who moved here from NYC and happen to be K-State architecture alum.

behind the wake forest bench

We left the game in the middle of the fourth quarter to watch K-State on some big screens. When you can't be at the game, cheering on the 'Cats with good friends over cheesy tots and nachos is the next best thing.