thankful list | October

love strudel

01. Fringe season 4 starting on Hulu
02. baptisms
03. sweet messages from Ian (see above)
04. time with friends + new baby
05. ProPresenter 4 at [REUNION]
06. SCRIPTschool. still.
07. a visit from amazing in-laws
08. our quick trip to DC
09. a passing grade on the first three of Ian's LAREs
10. Pepto-Bismol for my sometimes finicky stomach
11. a visit from our landlord, reassurance there's no hard feelings after a lease fiasco
12. once again, for many reasons, God placing us in Boston
13. [REUNION]'s successful Somerville location launch
14. my new (Missoni, unintentionally) travel pillow: no more Bobble Anna
15. good weather for half of our NYC weekend
16. in-room iron and blow dryer after a morning in the cold rain of NYC
17. David Crowder Band
18. Gungor + Chris August + John Mark McMillan
19. friends who call when they go to IKEA
20. friends who pick up things for us at IKEA when we can't go with them
21. our space heater
22. iPhones