thankful list | November


01. warmer weather after the unexpected snowstorm
02. our new space heater: why did we wait so long?
03. 2% spandex in my new jeans (the ones they replaced had no give. ouch.)
04. a great Skype session with Luis
05. the new Gmail iPhone app.
06. a hitch free shindig at work planned by yours truly
07. a husband bearing flowers after aforementioned shindig
08. a heart to heart with a great friend
09. friends as crazy about K-State sports as we are
10. a TV antenna that works (internet viewing was only lacking live football)
11. great friends to spend Thanksgiving with.
12. the ladies clobbering the lads in Celebrities.
13. only losing the rematch by 4 points when the names were stacked against us.
14. Thanksgiving food, particularly mashed potatoes and gravy.
15. and soul sweet taters.
16. and leftover soul sweet taters all weekend.
17. our cast iron dutch oven.
18. mom's football stew and buttermilk biscuit recipes.
19. Pushing Daisies season 2 on Blu-Ray.
20. my new sumi brush for SCRIPTschool.
21. video chats and phone calls when we can't be home.
22. the fireplace scent that has settled in our neighborhood.
23. goat cheese.
24. cheap tickets to CA for a wedding thanks to @JetBlueCheeps.
25. listening to Christmas music without dirty looks from Ian.
26. clean water.
27. Instagram.
28. sunshine.
29. fuzzy feelings after going through all our wedding cards for a project.
30. the [REUNION] Black Friday gift making open house.