Oh Sandy. Are you done yet? #frankenstorm

We survived Hurricane Sandy just fine. I worked from home, and Ian walked in the door just after lunch. The rule of thumb at the office is that we're open if public transportation is running. The office closed at noon. It's the first time the MBTA has shut down service during our time here in Boston.

I watched the trees outside our window, painting wide brush strokes across the sky. Thankfully, none succumbed to the 60+mph gusts. We hoped for the best but squirreled away water in pots and pans, pulled out flashlights and candles, and stocked up on shelf-stable food just in case. We didn't even lose internet or electricity.

We know there are countless families and communities who didn't fare as well as we did — losing power, homes, businesses, entire neighborhoods. It's hard to fathom the destruction we saw on the news last night is only a few hours away from us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.