thankful list | September

#charlesriver study 004  a beautiful walk with my #beautiful wife

01. starting the month with a Filipino breakfast (longanisa + garlic rice + egg).
02. a cleaned out and rearranged bedroom.
03. missing the wave of movers at Trader Joe's (on Allston Christmas).
04. new rug pads so we don't go flying when we step on our rugs.
05. a new shower curtain—it's like a brand new bathroom.
06. Fringe seasons 3 and 4 on Blu-Ray.
07. a tasty first attempt at cheddar dill biscuits.
08. A new pillow from IKEA (so I stop stealing Ian's).
09. sleeping under the cozy comforter again.
10. after almost 5 years, getting our wedding album ordered.
11. replacing the last of our tupperware with (cheap) mason jars.
12. college football season.
13. solid K-State wins.
14. a fun bike ride through the city with Ryan and Kelly.
15. Roxy's Grilled Cheese green muenster (I love guacamole).
16. an afternoon at SOWA.
17. Ian feeling better quickly after coming down with bronchitis.
18. A Skype call with the Vargas family.
19. Lacrae's new album Gravity.
20. a Bon Iver show with good friends.
21. Bumping into old friends at the Brian McLaren talk.
22. The ensuing conversation about faith, doctrine, and relationships.
23. A Skype call with my parents and GRANDMA! (!!!!)
24. A Sunday night football birthday party (the chatting, not the NFL).
25. a lovely evening of swapping clothes with fun ladies from work.
26. meeting Christina Rosalie in person; her book is amazing (more later).
27. a great kick-off to a new year of community group.
28. a fun (despite the loss) Red Sox date night after a long day at work.
29. the new community group curriculum on the early church.
30. a big K-State upset over OU: I am so proud of those guys.
31. a successful community group fair.
32. Ian's safe flight to Phoenix + getting to accept (for the team) a big award.
33. Company in the form of awesome in-laws while Ian is away.
34. The Tough Questions series at [REUNION].
35. Window shopping at SOWA and Newbury with Micki.
36. Dane's awesome tortilla soup.