thankful list | October

#franklloydwright at Wichita State #beautiful #architecture #1964

01. dinner at Sweet Cheeks with Dane and Micki.
02. Sweet Cheeks biscuits and mac & cheese.
03. spotting Julia Stiles, one of my favorite actresses.
04. an unbelievable family dinner at Lumiere.
05. extra dessert for free.
06. a clean dental bill of health.
07. dental hygienist approval to keep using Toms toothpaste (with flouride).
08. after epic fails, finding an eco-friendly deodorant that works for me (more soon).
09. the Wildcats clobbering our in-state rivals in the Sunflower Showdown.
10. FaceTime to see Ian while he was on a business trip to Kansas.
11. after missing out last year, restocked touchscreen gloves that fit my long hands.
12. learning about physician assisted suicide, on our 2012 ballot (thanks Grant!).
13. an awesome afternoon on bikes with good friends.
14. JP Licks seasonal ice cream flavors.
15. the Wildcats surviving Farmageddon (notice a theme starting?).
16. a double movie date to see Argo (don't miss it!).
17. dinner with a couple fellow community group leaders.
18. candlepin bowling with the Sasaki marketing team.
19. a day trip to Freeport, Maine to shop at L.L. Bean in person for the first time.
20. Ian loving L.L. Bean boots (I hugged him, garnering strange looks).
21. a new winter coat for me with long-enough sleeves.
22. the Wildcats blowing out a favored West Virginia team.
23. Collin Klein jumping to the front of the Heisman race.
24. Bill Snyder.
25. a humble football team that works hard and makes me proud.
26. an afternoon at the Warby Parker class trip.
27. a fun photobooth session with Ian.
28. learning Warby Parker plans to reopen a showroom in Boston.
29. finding sweet shades to put on my Christmas wishlist.
30. dinner with a community group friend, and coffee with another.
31. watching the K-State Texas Tech game with one of our favorite families.
32. teaching all five kids our K-State football traditions (like the Wabash).
33. turning them into K-State fans (second to OU, their mom's alma mater).
34. no damage, no power loss, and no internet loss during Hurricane Sandy.
35. working from home for the first time ever: fast commute, no interruptions.
36. catching up on Once Upon a Time.
37. seeing cute kids in costumes.
38. fall weather.