thankful list | January

This is the kind of snow they put in movies. It makes the crazy cold worth it. #newengland

01. a New Year's brunch with community group friends.
02. a smooth post-holidays transition back to work.
03. cheering on the 'Cats with friends (even though we lost the bowl game).
04. an amazing, incredible football season.
05. lovely ladies to co-plan a baby shower.
06. brunch with friends before their South American vacation.
07. aforementioned baby shower being a success.
08. a rock star team at the back table for [REUNION] gatherings.
09. spur-of-the-moment movie date nights.
10. consolidating kitchen gear with new cookie sheets and a lasagna pan.
11. taking in the final episode of FRINGE with fellow fans.
12. a quiet and relaxing Saturday.
13. book club.
14. finally getting a few items sold on Craigslist.
15. a J.P. Licks ice cream run with our profit.
16. still catching red velvet ice cream after the holidays.
17. support at work for taking a copyediting class at Emerson.
18. dinner with old friends who are now new Boston residents.
19. new sweaters with sleeves long enough for my gangly arms.
20. a warm coat and boots for the frigid temperatures.
21. a bus driver nice enough to see me sprinting and wait.
22. late lunch at the Thinking Cup after sleeping in.
23. my very own copy of the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition).
24. completing a refresh of the blog design.
25. a good crowd to help with our community group's week of setup.
26. snow in New England—it can be breathtaking.
27. a good first evening of my copyediting class.
28. catching up on bookkeeping.
29. our humidifier in these dry winter months.
30. a cheap replacement for a broken blender piece.
31. Amazon for the ease of finding replacement parts.
32. free lunch four out of five work days in one week.
33. instructors with impressive credentials and fun personalities.
34. the ease of transportation from work to class to home.
35. crazy silly games at community group fun night.