thankful list | Feburary

#watertown is #upsidesown @sasakidesign #igboston #architecture #winter

01. taking home an editing project home instead of staying late at the office.
02. brunch with friends (including a super happy baby).
03. clean laundry.
04. migraine medicine.
05. a husband who takes care of me.
06. a new step in REUNION's growth.
07. music that was exactly what I needed to hear.
08. meeting our community group's first baby!
09. community group Super Bowl watch party.
10. a Russo's chocolate croissant for breakfast.
11. a half day off of work thanks to the snowstorm.
12. Netflix to start Battlestar Galactica while snowed in.
13. feeling like a kid with two feet of snow.
14. hot chocolate.
15. Valentine's date night watching the Oscar-nominated animated shorts.
16. an annual physical that confirms I'm still super healthy.
17. access to good healthcare.
18. dinner and YouTube videos with the Browns. Love them.
19. Taza chocolate and the factory tour.
20. still making the Gungor concert despite the one-week snow delay.
21. music.
22. a (holiday) Monday off after serving at REUNION.
23. Ian's help around the house.
24. knocking out six loads of laundry in one fell swoop.
25. a good chat with Grandma Marilyn on her birthday.
26. the opportunity to assemble a style guide for REUNION.
27. dinner parties with friends.
28. Ian's excellent culinary skills.
29. an awesome team for REUNION setup.
30. celebrating Fox's birthday with a brunch party.
31. playing with baby G.
32. watching the Oscars with Ian.
33. waking up (we didn't make it to the end) to discover Argo won.
34. a good night's sleep after a full weekend.
35. Australian meat pies for lunch.
36. more proofreading projects at work.
37. discovering green smoothies are tasty.
38. cozy  blankets.