FLOTUS, graduation, and food we've missed

brian's graduation
brian's graduation
brian's graduation
I so wish this @varsitydonuts photo wasn't a #latergram. Happy #NationalDoughnutDay anyway!

In the middle of May, we flew back to Kansas for a weekend to attend my cousin Brian's graduation.

We listened to First Lady Michelle Obama's inspiring remarks on school integration and the road ahead.
We experienced The Pad, a Topeka institution.
We laughed at the keynote speaker's delightful and entertaining commencement address.
We cheered for Brian as he snagged his diploma (yes, it's signed).
We explored Old Prairie Town during Brian's reception.
We gasped as a baby raccoon left his family's hollow to explore a tree branch.
We enjoyed a gigantic Italian dinner with family, sans reservations on graduation night.
We took a leisurely pontoon boat ride on a lake with family friends.
We met Annie, the sweetest one-eyed/pirate rat terrier you'll ever find.
We stuffed our faces with Grandma's famous red velvet cake.
We arrived in Manhattan just in time to FINALLY grab a burger at our beloved So Long Saloon.
We hung out with Deb and Jim.
We were in breakfast food heaven with doughnuts from Varsity Donuts and hot beverages from Bluestem.
We brunched at The Chef with family and old friends.

Congratulations, Brian! Thanks for letting us enjoy your big weekend with you!

See all our photos from the weekend on Flickr.