thankful list | May 2014

Waiting for the Pacific Surfliner. #santabarbara

01. a weekend in Santa Barbara.
02. long walks on the beach.
03. sunscreen.
04. sunshine.
05. good food.
06. a fun group of fellow travelers.
07. 15 minutes riding the Pacific Surfliner, and fresh eyes to appreciate the view.
08. May 5 for easy to remember birthdays (happy birthday, Mom and Nathan and Grey and Eric!).
09. learning how to make an iPhone chat whale (4 returns, 1 dot, 10 underscores, 1 dot, send).
10. Cinco de Mayo at the office (with a guacamole competition).
11. seeing Ian in teacher mode (he's good).
12. feeling competent at my job.
13. a belated administrative assistant appreciation lunch.
14. an employer that makes time to discuss and improve work-life balance.
15. hearing an incredible violinist at Copley while waiting for the train.
16. a weekend with great friends we don't get to see as often as we'd like.
17. community group ladies night with late night chats about everything.
18. my mom, second mom, and grandmas.
19. the Wilson family, who will be sorely missed.
20. dinner at Barcelona (worth a very long wait with a 16 month old).
21. baby giggles.
22. a chocolate love note.
23. dinner in the park with an awesome family.
24. my first turtle spotting of the year.
25. an on-time flight and no line at the rental counter to get us to Topeka in time for FLOTUS.
26. time with my family.
27. watching my cousin graduate with lots of honors.
28. an entertaining graduation speaker.
29. a beautiful day for a reception.
30. fun new places for Fingerwarmers to visit.
31. a pontoon boat ride.
32. grandma feeling better after dinner didn't agree with her.
33. after waiting SO LONG (years), a resist temptation burger at So Long Saloon.
34. seeing Ian's aunt and uncle.
35. breakfast from Varsity Donuts and Bluestem Bistro.
36. a clean bill of health for my now-spotless wedding ring.
37. lunch with dear old friends (going back to first grade!).
38. a walk through the K-State campus.
39. a non-stop flight back to Boston.
40. guest hosts for CG, so we didn't have to frantically clean our apartment.
41. a couple quick and fun nerdy spreadsheet projects at work.
42. time to reconcile bank accounts (I love YNAB [referral discount!]) and catch up on OUAT.
43. a fun couples baby shower for good friends expecting their first.
44. a final morning of REUNION setup with dear friends who are moving.
45. a day off, well spent relaxing at home.
46. our veterans (and our recordings of Grandpa's WWII recollections).
48. celebrating big wins in our community group, and sending off D+A in style.
49. cheering one of our first Boston friends as he graduated with his MD from Harvard.
50. a fun and delicious graduation dinner at The Painted Burro.
51. dinner from Russo's.
52. Color Me Rad 2014!
53. running most of the 5K despite not training this year.
54. colored cornstarch.
55. Grant's height, to snag lots of free color bombs and t-shirts at the post-race color rave.
56. sweet race t-shirts.
57. grilled cheese sandwiches at Roxy's.
58. naps.