thankful list | March 2015

I got a mani/pedi from a new, avant-garde nail artist. She's almost 3. #bold #abstract #byappointmentonly

01. Super Cluckin' Sunday with our dear friend A. Wolf.
02. a Frozen snowman built to greet everyone walking out the doors of a downtown building.
03. a bon voyage party for Nate and Danielle as they set out on a yearlong world adventure.
04. a baptism celebration at REUNION (and the baptism of a new friend!).
05. Sweet Cheeks with friends (biscuits + a deep discussion about life and faith = win).
06. a final farewell to our adventuring friends.
07. Orinoco with friends as we vision for community group.
08. adorable squishy baby cheeks and tiny toothy smiles.
09. a birthday party for a dear friend.
10. lunch with three lovely ladies.
11. a mani/pedi by Grey.
12. an entertaining PowerPoint karaoke happy hour at the office.
13. a second birthday party (because why not), involving mac and cheese and hard cider.
14. tagging along Ian's tour of Christian Science for the K-State student group.
15. turkeys wandering the streets of Brookline.
16. seeing the same turkeys two days in a row.
17. discovering said turkeys stick around because a neighbor feeds them cabbage.
18. knocking out our taxes (even though we had to pay, at least they're done).
19. a clean bill of health at my annual skin screening.
20. a delicious catering tasting at the office.
21. babysitting for an adorable toddler.
22. a couple hours of HGTV.
23. an interesting office presentation/conversation about food sustainability.
24. making zuppa toscana while chatting with Micki and Grandma Judy.
25. visiting the REUNION Somerville location.
26. lunch with friends we don't see as often as we'd like.
27. KO meat pies.
28. celebrating lots of big answered prayers at community group.
29. the magic of FaceTime, so Nate and Danielle could video chat us from Chile.
30. catching up with Catherine, in town for a conference.
31. Micki and Grandma Judy coming up to the city to hang out with Catherine too.
32. Taza chocolate.
33. Roxy's Grilled Cheese.
34. a quiet Sunday.
35. chicken piccata to celebrate a friend landing a TFA position in her hometown.
36. community group dinner at Dorado.