thankful list | March 2016

Don't need these guys today! #bostonsummer

01. hosting a community group friend for dinner.
02. our amazing community group.
03. Sara introducing me to Neko Astume: I'm not into phone games, but I couldn't resist kawaii kitties.
04. having A. Fox over for dinner.
05. leadership community.
06. lunch at Mei Mei with Enid (and a fun conversation about the Spanish language).
07. Danielle's birthday high tea at L'Espalier.
08. Winsor Dim Sum with our beloved Drs. Hu.
09. bubble tea for dessert.
10. breakfast with Kelly.
11. a successful errand run for pet supplies and groceries.
12. deviled tea eggs at Bon Me for said successful errand run.
13. a quick trip to town hall to get a cat license for Astrid (she's officially a resident!).
14. time with Micki and Grandma Judy.
15. rain inadvertently creating a temporary office art installation of colorful umbrellas.
16. a little reminder of home, with a group of K-Staters in the office for a tour.
17. new lights for our entryways.
18. Toscanini's.
20. Cutty's Super Cluckin' Sunday.
21. pulling off our DIY cat scratching post.
22. Meat Spot, because it's good to be known at a lunch spot.
23. a March Madness watch party at the office (mostly for the BBQ — thanks, Trey!)
24. an evening at Symphony Hall with a few of my favorite friends.
25. a road trip to New Hampshire to see the Nichols!
26. a (short) hike with the kiddos.
27. dinner with the grownups at Worthy Kitchen.
28. more catching up over post-dinner drinks, because we always wish we had more time with them.
29. King Arthur Flour, where I picked up sourdough starter. #aspiringbaker
30. a great library in easy walking distance.
31. successfully awakening my sourdough starter (it sounds like I adopted an alien).
21. a text letting me know that G randomly burst out how much she loves me.
26. the first photo of Astrid out of hiding.
27. figuring out the right frames for our gallery wall.
28. Easter with family (and friends!) on the Cape.
29. the beach.
30. finally getting our Make Good Old Try print framed (at the Framer's Workshop).
31. a new TV, which ended our months-long frustration of traffic interfering with our signal. #cutthecord
32. a house guest who's finally back from a year-long adventure (we're counting down to Danielle's return).