Wow, its been a long day and its only 5:30! Went to bed a bit later last night, between Java and homework, and then I had the wonderful privilege of getting up to be at work by 8 for Fiddler on the Roof load in... only to find out that their tour bus broke down and they wouldn't be there until 9:30, so my boss said just come in at 12, after my classes, and I went to bluemont and did the crossword for an hour (by the way, if you know an 8 letter word that would fit the clue 'sweetheart' and has the letters _ _ _ _ G _ _ D, assuming the other words are right, let me know!), before going to class, then back to McCain, which was fun, and interesting... getting the mics ready was an unforgettable experience, and you can ask me about it, but I feel it is entirely too awkward to type out for the world to see... its just a little, umm... odd. And now I get to eat, then sleep until I go back to work for load out at 11, probably until 2! Yay for naps!