ramblings from the past week

It's been a busy past several days! And since I now have a free afternoon, and and am not quite ready yet to commence my women in TV homework, I am going to proceed with a play by play of the major events that have occurred in my life since the last post.

My midterm went well on Wednesday, and I actually got a decent amount of sleep that night! Thursday, Amber and Vern and I headed home for Mrs. Molstad's funeral. It was quite a fun car ride, and the three of us girls got all caught up, since we've been so busy this semester. But funny story. An hour and a half after leaving Manhattan, Vern turned to Amber and I and asked, "guys, did I pack my dress clothes? on a hanger..." We all looked at each other, perplexed. What to do! After much deliberation, we decided to stop at The Mall in Hays and use the remaining 30 minutes of it being open in order to scavenge a sweet deal on a dress shirt for Vern. A swimsuit, an on-sale dress shirt, and a fun almost-stripped-off-the-mannequin undershirt later, we triumphantly emerged from The Mall as they began locking up. The rest of the trip home was quite uneventful. Amber konked out, and I allowed Vern to play country music in my car (and trust me Vern, that is a BIG privilege you have!)

Friday, the funeral was really good, and then I went back home and crashed on my bed for a good two hours, before shopping with the family, hitting the world's smallest, and most ghetto Wal-Mart in the entire world, then Montana Mike's. I'd like to interject here that medium rare steak is amazing, and even more breathtaking when you haven't had steak, or more specifically, any beef besides hamburger, for eons. After my family stuffed ourselves and made polite conversation with the brother of a kid who used to be on my dad's soccer team and now runs cross country with the older of my two adorable little brothers, we made the relatively short journey back home, and I once again crashed, this time on the loveseat with a nice, new, fuzzy, $5 DG pillow that my mom recently acquired for the front room. After some quality relaxation and a fun phone chat with Ian, I took my brother over to Brett's for his birthday thingumy, where I got to catch up with all the fabulous hometown friends that I miss so dearly.

Saturday morning, I got to be a wake up call, and then, after indulging in my mom's scones for breakfast, got to work on the wonderful form known as FAFSA (with my dad's assistance, of course, as I needed his tax info), then once again stuffed myself on my mom's amazing macaroni casserole, before heading out to pick up everyone to head back to Manhattan (us three girls plus Amanda) and once again it was definitely a fun time, random discussions are always great, and I feel we really bonded. Near death experiences have a way of doing that, I believe. And no, it wasn't my driving. It was a creepy 50-something bearded guy in a jeep from Iowa that was driving at least 90, and not only was he traveling at a high velocity, but also passing on the right, squeezing into tiny spaces, cutting people off, and just generally being a horrid driver. Speaking on behalf of all those riding in my car, it is our sincere wish that the creepy guy is severely punished for his heinous actions. After dropping everyone off, eating, and doing the past month's bookkeeping, finishing FAFSA, and my taxes, and doing French homework, Ian and I watched the Notebook. Yes I did cry again, no Ian did not tear, but we both thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

Sunday was fun... cold, yes, wet, yes, but I got to be a bulletin-hander-outer-person at church which was fun, and then Ian and Megan and I had a fabulous time in Kramer over lunch, which was followed by the realization that for the first time in my entire life, I locked my car keys in my car. Ian was nice enough to drive us to the dorm to get my spares, and then back to my car, and then parking in front of West, where Megan successfully communicated with one of the local monstrously large crows, and after the entire fiasco, I changed into some comfy clothes and settled down on my floor for a nice 3 hour frenching session (french homework, that is), followed by dinner at Mr. Goodcents. They don't like me there, I've decided. They lost my order, just like the last time I ate there, when my meal was also very late. At least they gave us a coupon for free food this time! The rest of my evening consisted of attempting to assist Ian with his really tough physics homework (which I still do not comprehend), catching a couple awards on the Oscars, hanging out with Vern, and assisting Britni with her massive pile of paper writing/journaling, topped off with my very interesting reading on slang for development of English language. Did you know that in Australia, they call a bra a sheep dog because it "rounds 'em up and keeps 'em together" If you didn't, you do now... *ahhh* the vital things they teach you at university.

That brings you up to date to today, which has just consisted of walking to classes in the biting cold, and sitting through classes, including Earth in Action, where I got the lovely thought of a sweet little bunny as part of the material in a mass wasting ("movement of regolith or rock down a slope by gravity without the help of streams, glaciers or wind"... essentially anything like a mud slide, or rock fall, and all that fun stuff) To entertain myself, I envisioned this bunny tumbling around in a mudslide, along with other various unconsolidated material. It goes nicely with our prof's quote on lithification: "where little animals turn into oil!" And now that I have entirely bored you, perhaps assisting you in getting a much-needed nap, I will conclude by saying that T's new webblog is awesome, and hilarious, and he makes me SICK, and makes mine look bad... and I can't wait for spring break and LA! Now, it's time to do homework, or maybe the crossword, or better yet a nap, or maybe all three squeezed into the afternoon. Irregardless, I'm done writing, and I hope you all have a fabulous day!