Valentines, Houses and Tests

Yesterday was the most fantabulous Valentine's day of my life! Perfect weather... seeing everyone while delivering Valentines... and I have the absolutely most thoughtful, sweet, romantic boyfriend EVER, and I love him very much!!!! And I have a new appreciation for conversation hearts... :D

And Brit and Linds and I have a house! We'll be signing the lease sometime soon! It's not much to look at on the outside, but its really fun on the inside! Plus, we have a screened in porch, a huge kitchen, and Lindsey has a fun entire-upstairs-but-tall-people-will-severely-hurt-themselves-while-up-there room. On top of that, we're going to have absolutely fabulous, fun neighbors! Yay for Cory and Dave and Bret! And they have a fun saloon bathroom and midget doors in their PINK house! hehe!

On the down side, I didn't do so hot on my tests, and I've still got more coming up. School is irritating, et je deteste les examens francais. Ils sont stupides. *sigh* Oh well, can't do much about it now. But FYI, extraordinarily long French tests are things to be avoided, especially when there's a huge section on deciding between passe compose and imparfait verb tenses.