The crazy weekend and flying snails

So, after all that talk of going to bed early and such, I embarked on a ridiculously crazy/busy/fun weekend... A little after my post Friday, Andrew called to inform me of a Butterfly Effect viewing over at Farmhouse... and as since I hadn't heard back from my French 2 partner about working on our project that evening, I thought, ahhh, what the heck, I really wanna see that movie, and told Andrew as much. With instructions to bring along all the ladies along that I could, I called everyone and their dog, but mostly they were all busy with homework, birthday parties, swing dancing in KC, work... so it ended up being just me and Chandra (who had a lovely time parking... but sometimes two blocks away in front of Kappa Sig is fun!) and we (along with a larger amount of people that showed up) viewed the psychotic gloriousness that is known as The Butterfly Effect. I was quite impressed, although my nails probably are still protesting, as they kind of disappeared as I watched. I've decided nail biting is like alcoholism... you quit, and you're fine, but once you cave just that tiniest bit, you are GONE. At any rate, after the movie, Chandra and I stayed a while longer, talking to one of her FH friends, before finally trudging back to her vehicular and heading back to the dorms.

The following morning, I arose at the bright and chipper hour of 9:30, and worked on French until Ian came by so we could go to the basketball game, which was absolutely fantastic, as we finally dished out a marvelous thrashing, to Nebraska, no less, with a small mob of red-clad cheering robots present. After making a pizza run and watching some golf, Ian headed back to studio and I got to work on homework, until it was time to head over to the Thurston house for a nice game of celebrities. To start off the evening, however, we played a fun game of nertz, and I'd like to interject here, I soundly beat Britni for the first time EVER (which is a big deal, b/c I consider her one of the goddesses of nertz) although I still only got 3rd, losing to Josh and Phil. And celebrities was a riot, as always. Although this time around, there were more phones involved. Say, Britni answering "hello?" *BENEDICT ARNOLD* "hey, he hung up on me!" or Josh in round two answering the phone during his turn, only to decide it wasn't worth it, and tossing the phone onto the recliner before proceeding to yell more hints. And Mike is amazing at the charades round... I'm pretty sure he got 9 in one turn, even though it wasn't enough to help our "Awesome Team" beat the "Not Quite As Awesome Team." After the lovely game sadly drew to a close, Ian and I watched Zoolander on the big screen, and for the rest of the weekend, had the word "you-google-ee" stuck in my head. Sunday consisted of church, lunch at the derb, and a mall run, before sitting down to do homework from 2:30-11:30 straight (with two exceptions... a dinner break, and a 15 minute accidental power nap).

And now for my fast-becoming-a-habit update on the fantastic class known as Earth in Action. The bunnies have been replaced. As radioactive Bob was discussing types of deposition in deserts, I learned that a loess is composed of small angular minerals, and wind-deposited, air breathing snails. No one in the class really understood that little bit of randomness, but I couldn't stop laughing as I imagined tiny snails hurling through the air. Needless to say, this inhibited my note taking, because my nervous system is weird, and whenever I laugh with more than a chuckle, my left thumb loses half of its capacity to function, and my ability to write rapidly is completely ineffectual. I also learned that the definition of sand deposits is: "deserts are not all sand - some are and some are not" Who knew!

Anyway, I do believe that's enough rambling for the day. I've got homework to finish, and after this weekend, I really could use an early bedtime tonight. Have a wonderful day, and if you get down, just picture tiny snails whizzing past you in breeze, and you'll cheer right up!