Happy Friday!

I'm pleased to announce that I have completely recovered from my drug-induced alternately semi-comatose/spacey and wacko state of being yesterday. But, writing in my stupor, I completely failed to mention the fact that Brit and Linds and I signed for the house on Tuesday afternoon! Whoohoo! Its so cute, and it will be so fun, I can't wait to go shopping for house stuff! And even if the guys aren't gonna be living next door, I love them dearly, and they can definitely come visit anytime they want! So I'm incredibly tired and sore, and I'm not sure why (*jedi mind trick* I could really use a backrub rights about now). Maybe its because I sat in the wind for 2.5 hours watching our baseball team kick some serious bum! And I found ten dollars... seriously... at the game, blowing around. But anyhoo, pretty sure it's gonna be an early evening for Anna. Ahhh, the exciting Friday evening activities of a college student. Sidenote, Less than Perfect on ABC is a pretty funny show! And I'm very jealous of Claude's gorgeous long red hair. Anyway, I'll keep this short, to make up for the past three extensive posts. Have a wonderful weekend!