The insane-ness of the week and St. Patrick

Its been exactly one week (give or take an hour) since my last post, and I feel like a complete slacker. But then I realized that honestly, not that many people, if any, really read this on a regular basis, if at all, so my posting indiscretion has probably gone unnoticed... and there is a high probability that I could post a ranting on *insert strangest thing you can think of* and no one would ever know. After pondering this depressing realization for a while, I decided that I still get personal satisfaction from churning out lengthy, irrational strings of words, and so I shall commence my overview of this past week.

Honestly, its been insane... I said my last weekend was one of my busiest weekends in recent memory, and this past week and most recent weekend have been equally crazy. But through it all, God has really shown me His grace, love, and support. I am so amazed at the way He has met every single need I have had in the most perfect way possible, and I am so thankful! God is good! And also because of the insane-ness, I now have another reason to look forward to spring break... not only will I be in sunny Southern California, with awesome friends, and get to do really fun things, but I can sleep on the plane! whoohoo!

So what is the insane-ness to which I have referred?

The beginning of the week started out in one of the strangest ways imaginable. I woke up Monday morning and groggily traversed the short distance to the bathroom, toothbrush in hand, to be greeted by the sight of a uniformed officer and the complex director standing in the hallway. Needless to say, I was a little weirded out. As the week progressed, we learned there was an "incident" in my wing, which involved a non-resident of the hall entering the building and someone's room, and said intruder being discovered by one of the room's occupants. No further information could be revealed, due to the fact that it is an ongoing investigation, as well as various privacy issues. Rumor has it though, that it was a pantie raid gone awry.

Which brings me to Thursday, THE PRAGUE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA! whoohoo! Ian and I got all dressed up, and Craig and Vanessa played mom and dad and took pictures for us (when I finally get all my pictures developed, they will most definitely be up on my website). We went to Sonic for supper, where were were questioned "so, is there a prom going on or something?" And after a delectable meal, went to McCain, and it was amazing... *sigh of contentment* And afterwards, we went to Radina's, where we were complimented on how nice we looked, and I was nearly killed by a vicious cup of chai that attacked my lungs... charges against the chai pending investigation. I would definitely say that this evening was one of the high points in my life to date. Plus, I got to show off my excellent job on my hair to Britni, and we girltalked, while I intermittently sniffed Ian's wonderful smelling jacket.

Friday involved a nasty Earth in Action test (and we found out our grades today, and I say Andrew stinks, but he is SO my new geology tutor), and plenty of sleep before a fun dodgeball tournament. And I have a great admiration for the sport now. I think every single person that played was sore for at least two days. Who woulda thunk? And The Manchurian Candidate is a good movie, and Brit and I girltalked again, and watched American Outlaws, and cuddled... *teehee*

Saturday was shopping day, and Britni and I really went to town... but its justifiable, it's for spring break, and it was all on sale. We concluded the afternoon with a celebratory cup of coldstone cake batter ice cream with cookie dough bits, and then got into Brit's car to head back. While still in Aggieville (which, before 6 pm, was filled with a plethora of drunks, all wearing green, due to the St. Patrick's Day festivities... I shall continue this thought in a few moments) something went seriously wrong with her car, and JB came to the rescue and put back the belt that fell off. We drove happily off, only to hear a wicked ka-CHUNK-chunk-chunk a few blocks down 11th (it was definitely a God thing that Brit drove straight down 11th instead of turning onto much-busier Bluemont). We pulled over and called JB again... this time, a part had actually fallen out of the car and into the middle of the street! I ran back and got it (JB said it was the funniest thing to see me running with the part on a stick, since it was too toasty to hold). It was FUN. Gotta love crazy car stories.

inside britni's car
place in car missing part

the part that fell out
JB holding part missing from car

But back to St. Patrick (since no one reads this anyway, I can make it as long as I want. There's a silver lining to everything!). As part of the town's St. Patrick's Day celebration, the bars opened at 6am, or so I heard, and as of around 6pm, just about everyone you saw in Aggieville between the ages of 18 and 50 were pretty plastered. Now, I enjoy watching a funny drunk as much as the next sober person, but I began to think on this. Universally, or at least United States-ally, St. Patrick's Day has turned into a giant drinking fest, due to the stereotype of the Irish in regards to drinking. But this greatly sads me, knowing who St. Patrick was. Any quick google search will reveal that he was an amazing man of faith and was used by God to show the Irish people the truth, and that their faith in Druidism was wrong. And he was willing to go back to Ireland, even though he was violently ripped away from his family and cushy life by Irish mauraders and sold into slavery there, all at the young age of sixteen. Now, I don't know about you, but after this less than friendly treatment, I wouldn't be jumping at the chance to really love on these people, but Patrick did, and God used him in great ways to reach the Irish for Him. With this thought, it is completely appalling to me that anyone would celebrate this man's life by going out, partying, and getting trashed, which coincidentally, is often part of celebrations of the pagan sort. And taking after T (although this is definitely not nearly as good as any of his posts) I decided to use illustrations of saints! I don't think that he (he referring back to St. Patrick, not T, in this particular instance) really looks like the sort of person you want to infuriate by desecrating his special day...

Saint Patrick icon
image from Samurai Appliance Repair Man on Flickr

So anyhoo, kudos to you if you've managed to pay attention enough to catch even half of this enormous post... actually, kudos to you if you even bothered to scroll down this far! I hope you all have a wonderful day/week, and God bless!