*singing* It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away...

Before I get started my readership should know, I think I'm high. Anna? high? C'est possible???? If I am, it would be the second time, the first being on the Arizona missions trip when I inadvertently sat next to an open can of deck stain for two hours. But at any rate, I shall explain today's chain of events leading up to my conclusion.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 so I could continue studying for my French test, but there was a slight throbbing in my head, and a pressure in my nasal passages. I put two and two together. cold or allergies. Either way, a cold-type medicine with pain killer should do the trick. Learning from previous mistakes (bad things happen when you take medicine on an empty stomach), I took my self-perscribed OTC medicine with a McDonald's apple pie chaser (courtesy my amazing boyfriend, and he was right, they are good for breakfast!). This taken care of, I began to study until sometime between 10:30 and 11. I decided that if I looked at another French word or grammar rule, my head was going to explode, so I laid down on the floor, and at precisely 11:08:24-ish, I began to feel a little woozy, and like my head was floating away (think Pedro on this one, but no, I did not proceed to then shave my head and skip school from the shame, before finding a friend with a supply of wigs).

Slightly concerned, I laid down on Chandra's bed until 11:15, when I decided that, given my current state, I should leave for the test a little early, allowing extra time to walk to Eisenhower, on account of my spacey-ness. I got to good ol' 124, and sat down, fully prepared to take the test. After all, I thought, the last time I took a French test doped up on cold medicine with un-diagnosed pneumonia and a ridiculously high fever, I got an A (granted, I don't remember the test, but the grade is what counts, right?), so perhaps I'm better at French in a, umm... shall we say, slightly elevated, state of mind. While checking to see if my hand was shaking, my vision did seem rather beginning-of-Moulin-Rouge-ish for a few seconds, but other than that, I was fine, and made it through the test wonderfully well, I think. Except I couldn't remember the French word for highway... l'autoroute... *sigh* oh well.

At any rate, I returned to the dorms and had lunch with Ian on the basketball court, which was wonderful, since 1) it was lunch with Ian which is always fantastic, and 2) it is an absolutely gorgeous day out today. Then we traipsed around town in an attempt to track down studio supplies for Ian. And while scanning radio stations, found U2 (sounds like U2. nope. *scan* not U2 *scan* not U2 *scan* WHOA, FREAKY, its U2!) and their perfect song for today... Beautiful Day... nothing like driving around with the sun roof, windows down, listening to rock. The search for supplies was less successful however (the bookstore should really protest to their supplier about the limited availability of that board stuff in certain hues of the color palette, and the unpredictability in which said colors arrive), and he had to settle for a second rate color for his project (although it is an awesome design, and I'm sure that he'll do great despite the less than desirable shade).

After making the purchase, I was dropped off at my dorm with a suggestion from Ian that I take a nap, in hopes that it will help, as I think the drugs are still in effect, and I think I will have to follow through with that. But before I leave you for the afternoon, I would like to share three things.

  1. I have a ginormous bruise on my right elbow from whacking a table on accident the other evening, and it is very painful.
  2. I think that perhaps there is a conspiracy, and the drug company randomly slips illicit substances in their OTC medicine, in an attempt to get customers addicted and resultantly boost their black market operations.
  3. This morning I discovered that my chapstick brand cold sore therapy stuff has amazing numbing properties, and I am seriously contemplating a liberal application of this to my entire lip region, in a scientific experiment to see if I would then commence involuntary drooling.

Having shared these thoughts, I am now at peace to go lay down on the floor to nap in an attempt to cure my drug induced state of incomprehensibility. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the weather!