the formal and an ER visit

Okay, first things first, I'm doing fairly well, and I'm now adjusted to the effects that the IRRITATING lawsuit is wreaking on my summer... okay, so I'm still mad about the fact that they're suing us when they're the ones who screwed everything up, and are now making us pay for all the expensiveness of court, but I'm okay, and know that God has it all under control.

Second, I changed my paper topic, so if you have any thoughts on accents/language in Disney movies (in general, or specifically, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Lion King, and maybe Lilo and Stitch) I would definitely appreciate the input, and hey, I could even cite you as a source! Wouldn't you feel special!

Now for the good stuff... The formal was AMAZING, I forgot how much I missed spending an afternoon getting beautified (Lindsey, you are talented beyond words with hair, talented with hair, not the words with hair, yeah, misplaced modifiers are fun), and while we were out, I got a ton of compliments on Lindsey's fabulous dress (and a mom told me I made her little girl's day, getting to see that dress). Ian looked dang hot in his pink tie :D and Brit looked GORGEOUS, as did Cory *wink wink*, and we had fun wandering Target all spiffed out, before getting to the dance. Which was a blast, Cru people are awesome! I heart dances!

Now, I bet you're wondering about the ER visit, and have been skimming, thinking gosh, the formal sent Anna to the ER?! Not exactly... as it's final project time for all those studio people, after Ian and I left the dance, we went to studio (after changing, of course). He was working, and I was watching, when all of a sudden, Ian gets enlisted to drive Daniel to the ER... while working on his model, Daniel sliced two of his fingers a good one. So we got to drive up to those ambulance doors, hazards flashing... where Daniel got everything taken care of (although it took a while to clot, I quote the EMT "he's a bleeder!"). But it did take a while. While we were there, someone got brought in after being hit by a car, and another person with chest pains... and they only had ONE, count 'em ONE doctor. In a college town. On Saturday night. And that was my fun excitement. Due to this occurrence though, the ol' sleep tank is running low, and this isn't my best writing. I shall apologize for it. But I had to share. And Daniel's a trooper. After he got stitched and bandaged, he was back in studio. Arch profs (and design profs in general) are insane and are trying to kill off their students, Vanessa and I decided.

So in conclusion, good luck to all those studio-ers out there, hang in there, we're thinkin of ya!