hollywood's newest trend: making babies

I hope that I am not the only one disturbed by the snippets of fact and gossip that is currently flurrying around Hollywood. It started last year with Britney Spear's public announcement of her desire to be a mother. After marrying a bum who's name eludes me at the moment... feder something... I shall call him fedora... speculation began about who would be the next starlet to produce offspring. Focus on Jessica Simpson began (although I bet this is dying down with rumors of her and Nick's breakup). But now, apparently it is Heath Ledger and his new girlfriend, who is best known for her role as the bad girl on Dawson's Creek (one of the many shows I never watched). If you want more info on this new development, click here. And I would not be surprised if this trend continues.

Now that you have background, I shall commence my tirade. (And no, I don't generally keep up with Hollywood... all this information is garnered from standing in line to Wal-mart during visits, and clippits that I hear from other people... its really hard to NOT know info like this, especially as a female, and in a female dorm) WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING! Perhaps Britney and Fedora won't be the absolute worst parents in the world, but in my opinion, they aren't the type of people I consider to be even remotely fit to raise a child. And Heath and whatsherface? I guess, from my impression of what I see of them, I don't understand how they would be mature enough to carry the responsibility of raising a child. My sympathies are with these children. They are doomed for a lifetime of therapy. Living in Hollywood is difficult and vapid enough, but to be completely submerged in it from birth, with pop star parents who carry around a froo-froo dog and treat it like a kid, and spend ridiculous amounts of money on trivial things, and are in this constant social whirlwind, there is no way you can maintain even a sense of normalcy for these children, who are going to have ridiculous expectations of how life will be, and will constantly be disappointed. Its difficult enough for seasoned Hollywood-ites to raise a child... I honestly think that its just the new thing to do. While on spring break in LA, K-Lub made the statement that Californians in general, just jump on the bandwagon of trends, instead of being practical. Such as the movement to buy bikes like those out for rent on the beach, instead of a more sensible bike. Just because its the new trend. I have a feeling that this is potentially the case when it comes to the stars having kids, mixed in with a severe case of keeping up with the Jones. Maybe some of them honestly want a kid (say for example, Britney and hat), but no matter the reason, I still pity the poor, innocent kids.

May God have mercy on their souls.