that window and siding company is ruining my summer.

As the title states, that window and siding company is ruining my summer. "What window and siding company?" you may ask. Well, I shall tell you.

It all started this past November, when my parents decided to finally shell out to have our house sided, and new windows installed. Six months later, my parents are being swept into a fun legal battle, because the company, quite frankly, did a pathetic job, which could mess up things in our house, cost us a lot more in heating and air conditioning costs, and make replacements for these new things come a lot sooner. So my parents, unsatisfied with the job, didn't pay, because they wanted to get everything fixed first (just like the Kansas Attorney General states... satisfaction with the job, THEN payment). But then the owner gets mad and claims my parents are just trying to get out of it, which is very not true. Honestly, is it too much to ask for a job well done, especially when it's as expensive as this sort of thing? And they won't own up to the fact that they messed up. So my parents have to pay for a lawyer, and all the costs that go along with trying to get this thing all figured out, which isn't free by any means. And there could be hearings, and a trial, its insane. So, if you're going to have windows or siding put in, talk to my family before you select the company.

"Okay, yeah, that's super annoying, but how does that relate at all to your summer?" you are probably now wondering. Well, I shall tell you.

The costs that this legal proceeding is consuming, on top of paying for a new car to replace the dying nova and insurance with Nathan as a driver, means that the wonderful Orlando vacation that my entire family has been hoping and looking forward to since last summer is probably not going to happen. Also made more unlikely because we will have to be around for potential hearings and trial. And my parents are going to be busy with all this stuff, so enjoying my last summer at home with my family is not going to be the easiest thing in the world. All this on top of the fact that I may be certifiable by the end of the summer for many other reasons: possible lack of a job, Brit and Linds staying here, Ian busy at home, and most of my hometown friends being in various parts of the country, or the world for awesome summer missions trips and such... it all means that I will probably fall into a permanent vegetative state over the summer. Not good when classes come around again. I was counting on fun family times, and that vacation, to keep my sanity. So now I don't know what I'm doing for the summer... I could still go home, try and get a job nearby, and just work all the time so I don't have time to think about everything, or I could stay here and do the same thing. Or perhaps I shall move to South America and live at one with the monkeys in the treetops. I'm starting to stress out about this, which is not good. And I'm miserable because allergens here right now are horribly high, and I'm suffering severely. But Brit was a doll and went therapy shopping with me, and an outfit later, I'm a little better. Anyhoo, now that I've vented (I'm still steamed at that company though), I do feel even more better. So I think I'll try and get something accomplished.

Have a better day than me, and beware those siding and window people.