Anna the Laundry Lady

Finals are over, went well, moving out wasn't a horrible hectic mess... however my room is now a certified disaster area. Seriously. You think I'm joking because I'm miss have everything has to be perfectly in its place and spotless... but its not working out so well... I'm trying to get rid of things, and clean, and put away, all at the same time, not so smart... but oh well...

So, I'd started to get worried about a job and all, after learning that everything I considered was already filled. I know I shouldn't, because I know that God is in charge and taking care of me, and whatever the heck happens this summer has been okayed by him. But the thought of me stuck at home, because of lack of gas money funds to go visit anyone not in town, and also lack of funds to do things with friends that require money, almost sent me into hyperventilating panic mode when it hit me this afternoon. I love my family and all, but I want to see other people this summer too. Plus, when I went to the movie last night with my fabulous friends that I've missed dearly (Kael, Carl, Brit, Steven, Vern, y'all are amazing!), my dad informed me that "if you're going to be going to the movies, you need to get a job." As if my coming home and giving up the larger job opportunity pool in Manhattan to come home and spend the summer with them, and him having a cushy, secure job, isn't enough for them to fork over a little cash periodically through the summer. Of course, maybe it's because I'm almost 20, and I'd feel bad mooching anyway, and the whole lawsuit thing... good lawyers are dang expensive, fyi. But anyway, so my mom tells me that they've been busy at the cleaners because a nearby town's cleaner closed recently, so I should try there. So I did, and Maxine is awesome, and I have a part-time, maybe more, depending on how busy things are this summer, job! It'll be mostly washing sheets and such for the manor and hospital... and maybe some pressing stuff, and taking orders and such... but yay for money and nice bosses! So, for the summer anyway, I am now Anna the Laundry Lady!