I *heart* storms

Wow, its been almost a week since my last post... I think that's a record (spring break doesn't count). I've been keeping busy, with school finishing up, and hanging out with people before we all leave for three months (and some people longer than that). We'll just say I've been a little lacking in the sleep.

I went with Brit to watch state forensics, which was really weird at 2A... it seemed so much smaller than 3A, but the team (although very small) did really well... everyone broke semi's, and Karen and Steven both broke finals and got 2nd and 4th, respectively, in inform. (for all you non-forensicators, semi's are the semifinal rounds, inform is informative speaking... if you want a more detailed description on exactly how forensics works and everything, but I shall not bore you more here) I'm so proud of them! Gold state medals (because all state medals are gold, whether it's 1st or 6th... trust me, I know... you can impress everyone with the thing, because they never see the 6 on the back!) are always fun to have!

Other good news: I finished my Development of English Language paper, on the use of language in Disney animated movies, and its 15.5 pages long, so no final for me! whoohoo! And now I can give a very lengthy discourse on the topic... if you'd like a demonstration, let me know!

Finally, to the statement in the title. I really do love storms. And I miss them when I'm home. Western Kansas is rather lacking in that department. And today was a good one! The nice cool calm before the storm, with the pretty grey clouds creating an overcast sky, with little bits of blue showing in the east, and rain coming down in the west. The faint rumbles of thunder in the distance And then the random huge drops on the windshield, and finally the downpour and the sweet smell of rain and faint tapping sound it makes on my window. I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it! *sigh of happiness* Thank you God for storms!

Dance in the rain if you get a chance, but only if you aren't sleep deprived or else you'll get sick, and that's no fun.