Relay for Life, Parking Tickets, and Surprise Photo Shoots

First off, Relay for Life was awesome, despite it being so cold everything was majorly frosted and sparkling. And eating breakfast while watching the sunrise as well as a fox pouncing is just about the best thing I’ve ever done, and Ian’s shoulder makes a great travel pillow. Seriously... someone should patent and market that. It’d be so popular, and whoever did it would be amazingly rich... I mean, never mind *looks up patent website*

Secondly, I have dubbed yesterday National Anna Got Her First Parking Ticket Day. Why the parking Nazis were out at 11:32 am on a Sunday morning, I don’t know, but they were. But it was worth it, because lunch at Kramer with Ian and Dave and Jenn was FANTASTIC! It was so much fun, and we were all hilarious... maybe that’s because we thought everything was funny because we were all so sleep deprived... hmmm...

Thirdly, my bedding and big purple fuzzy slippers were the stars of a housing and dining photo shoot this afternoon. So Chandra and I were sitting in our room, minding our own business, getting ready for work, and doing homework, respectively, when people knocked on our door, and before we knew it, these three people, one with a camera, were in our room. "I like the curtains, and the woodwork on that chair, and the stars on the bedding... can we get that all in?... the chairs are nice..." Then proceeded to start snapping away. "No, don’t look at the camera. Talk to each other about something fun, we want this to look natural. No, don’t straighten up. Why did you move that pillow? It looked good, put it back... now sit so we can see those slippers. I like the slippers. Can you cross your feet? Where did that other girl go... lets get her back in here..." I ended up sitting at Chandra’s desk, Chandra in her chair, and Alicia came back and was instructed to get in my bed. They told us to start talking, and munching on food if we have some. So they took pictures of us laughing and talking about Chandra at prom, and eating goldfish. Then we had to sign photo release forms. I think they said something about brochures... but they could use them for other things too, I’m guessing. So, you can look for me and Chandra and Alicia, and our room in future housing and dining publishings. Fascinating, I know. I look really grungy, but oh well. They seem to think my star sprinkled bedding and big purple fuzzy slippers will make potential students decide to come to K-State and choose the residence halls. I mean seriously, that’s why I picked dorm life. Not really. But seriously.

Have a wonderful day, and watch out for those dorm paparazzi.