Changes, sunburns, and high altitudes

Firstly, I'm changing to blogspot, because my mom informed me that on bravejournal, there are some creepy ads, and she told me that she noticed blogspot didn't have ads, except for blogspot, which isn't creepy. So, I've transferred everything over here... all my posts as well as their comments (the dates on the comments are messed up, but the entries are the same) which took not very long at all. I love copy paste! But I'll still leave the other one up for quite some time, so that everyone can find this, and doesn't just think, oh nuts, she quit writing. Okay, so actually it'd probably be rejoicing, but don't burst my bubble. :D

Secondly, I got slightly sunburned yesterday. I went to G-town, and Ian and I had a fabulous picnic up at Mount Sunflower! No photo — we didn't bring cameras. oops.

Slightly windy, but we got to see an antelope close. And it was so polite: it tried to hide the fact that it was staring at us by eating every time we looked up at it. And then we walked the 1/2 mile to the state line. Or at least I think so. We assumed it was the fence, but it seemed really far... perhaps we were in Colorado longer than we thought. Oh well. And FYI, there are a stinking lot of cacti between the monument thing and the fence. I got to play nurse and remove some spikes from Ian's foot and hand. For having no nails, I was impressed with my bare-handed tweezing skills! And we didn't run into any poisonous snakes. I have good experience with non-poisonous bites, just not fangs. So, in case, we went over emergency protocol... tourniquet, suck the poison out, drive fast to the hospital. (However, at church talking to a nurse and EMT, I found out that this is no longer recommended, but perhaps in our situation it would have been the best, they said, since there'd be exercise, and therefore more circulation, in getting to the vehicle, and we were t-minus phones, and in flip flops...) However, there were no snake attacks, so no worries! But I burnt without realizing it, and have nice watch and bracelet lines on my hand, and some fun capri ones on my legs. I know you burn more easily at higher altitudes, due to thinner air. I suspect that the fast burn was due to the extraordinarily high altitudes there at Mount Sunflower. You really have to be careful up there, altitude sickness really can get you, and if you drive up, you should probably stop halfway down when you leave, so the brakes can cool off.

But anyway, I'm not too thrilled about my weird arm and leg tan lines, despite the humor of them. Thankfully though, they are now not so noticeable after my fun pool trip with Karen. The water was perfect! And I was reminded how quickly I get darker, so maybe I won't look like a ghost this summer, since we're turning the visits into a weekly ritual.

Anyway, I think that's really all I got today. I'm rather scatterbrained right now. So to conclude, remember to wear sunscreen when out of doors to avoid pain, and never listen to John Mayer. He's gross, and creepy, seriously. You want a guy with a guitar, you can do much better than him!