exhaustion, satisfaction, and the tanning squirrels of manhappenin

It's been forever, I know, but work has kept me busy, among other things. And I kill myself. Going to bed super late and getting up early for work is definitely starting to catch up with me, especially this past weekend, which I spent mostly helping out at our house, cleaning blinds, cleaning cat hair out of floor vents, and painting ridiculously tall closets with confusing shelving. I had issues putting it back in my closet. And I'd like to vent. The girls who occupied (I don't like to use the phrase 'lived in' for the fact that we have postulated that they only crashed there.) the house previously never cleaned, and had a cat. In a couple vents the cat hair was a good quarter inch if not more deep. yummy. hopefully you didn't just eat. The closet painting was fun, no ventilation up there. You could only see the lower half of my legs (as in the lower half if you start counting from the knee) in the door, when I was on a bunk ladder propped against the pole thing that you hang your clothes on (for being an English major, I really am at a loss of word quite often). And the roof leaks, it fell in on Lindsey, the washer leaked, the laundry room still smells like cat... but it's starting to come together, and it's looking good. I can't wait until y'all get to come check it out! And we'll have plenty of sleeping spots, so you're definitely welcome to crash (well, girls anyway). And we've determined with our fridge surplus and knife surplus, we're going to start a dessert business, and an assassin business, and rent out sleeping spots on game weekends, to help cover costs. More randomness, I saw a squirrel tanning on the peak of the roof at the neighbor's, and it was just about the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'd illustrate with photo, but I was t-minus a camera at the time.

And tonight I saw a special on Brad Pitt, mostly him raising awareness for children in Africa, through the ONE campaign. I have a bracelet, but after hearing more about it, and seeing those kids, wow. You should all check it out!

Anyway, seeing him with those kids, and talking about the campaign, and him using the extra media attention about him and Jennifer Aniston's breakup to get more attention for the campaign (very clever, I might add) has definitely impressed me. No, not because he's a good looking older actor, but because I think he really cares, and is doing something about it. Anyway, you should check it out, sign the pledge, all that. It's an excellent cause, support from everyone from actors (whose political views I generally don't share) to conservatives... groups like World Vision are a part of it...

anyway, *gets off soapbox* hope you're having a wonderful summer. Apologies for randomness, but I think the paint fumes are still slightly in effect, and I'm still a wee bit tired from this weekend.